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We are delighted that you have decided to visit our home page at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Tennessee Technological University. We believe that you will find exciting opportunities to become involved in a lifetime of learning, supporting the enterprise of innovation and achievement, and sharing our journey, but in all cases just join us!

Chemical Engineering as a Premier Career

Our faculty and staff are proud to be members of a profession with an exciting future and promise for continued growth. Chemical engineering is vital for the scientific and technological advances that improve and benefit many aspects of our society. It is the central engineering, where we master understanding and use of physics at a variety of scales. Chemical engineering can deal with molecular level length scales, the physics of motion, and transformation of raw materials (inorganic, organic, and biological). It can also deal with length scales as vast as megacities, and every aspect in between. The processes include manufacturing, biotechnology (pharmaceutical, biological, medical, and food), microelectronics, health care and cosmetics, materials development, environmental modeling and remediation, and petrochemical refining, just to name a few. Tech chemical engineering alumni have been pivotal recently in the analysis of chemical plant safety, development and commercialization of cement blends with improved performance, the scaleup of COVID testing, entrepreneurial treatment of arthritis and heart disease, 3-D printed prosthetics for children, water treatment for manufacturing, electronics and superconducting magnet materials technology operating at 4 Kelvin. Chemical engineering analysis offers new inroads into solving energy use, food, water and health care issues facing society, from combustion to batteries to fuel cells, from distillation to membrane technology, from pharmaceuticals to anti-oxidant rich carrots.

Innovation-Driven Research and Learning with Diverse, Global Awareness

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is our professional home society and bar. At Tennessee Technological University, chemical engineering is a vibrant community of scholars and highly motivated educators, who bring the excitement of cutting-edge research to students with advanced pedagogical learning approaches. Students can engage in undergraduate research, industrial internships, legislative internships, national laboratory work, or even start up their own company while in college. The Department features a student-centered hands-on, team-based learning environment, with both training in critical and creative thinking. Students will find support from their peers in tutoring, study abroad opportunities, and newly renovated laboratory facilities. The Department strongly supports diversity, and it is proud of graduating the largest number of female engineers within the Tennessee Tech College of Engineering. In addition, in collaboration with our Office of International Education, the Department has increased the number of international students from a variety of countries located in Europe, Middle and Far East, and Latin America bringing a global perspective within the classes.

The faculty and students are active in publishing in widely-circulated, peer-reviewed journals and presenting in professional society technical meetings. Our faculty are officers or contributors in professional organizations such as the AIChE, the American Electrophoresis Society, the Electrochemical Society, the Ceramics Society, the American Chemical Society, the American Concrete Institute, and the American Society for Engineering Education. They have achieved recognition at the university, state, national, and international levels. A summary of their achievements can be found in their personal faculty pages. Faculty and student accomplishments make us proud of our efforts and motivate us to achieve the next level of excellence.

The Department's Continuous Striving Efforts for Achieving Excellence

We offer both a “gold standard” chemical engineering program, and a biomolecular engineering concentration at the undergraduate level. We have a very active and growing master’s and PhD program, with alumni recognized by major employers and in entrepreneurial pursuits.

Faculty efforts continue to bring exciting opportunities to our graduate and undergraduate students, and we remain committed to excelling as a leading chemical engineering department within the Southeast. Your support and involvement will complete our team. Join us!



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