Mechanical Engineering

Baja SAE Design Lab

View walking into the Baja SAE Design Lab with all the tools in the room  Four Baja SAE cars lined up against a wall

About the Lab

Location: East Stadium Room 111

Faculty Advisor: 

Tennessee Tech Baja’s program began in 1977 in the basement of Brown Hall under faculty advisor Dr. Dick Houghton. Then known as Mini Baja, the team worked hard to get the program off the ground and into competition quickly. Dr. Bob Smoak became the faculty leader in the mid-1980s, and then Dr. Dale Wilson became the team’s faculty advisor in 2000. Along the way, the now Baja SAE program moved from Brown Hall’s basement into a much larger, 4000 square foot shop underneath the East Stadium Grandstands in Tucker Stadium. This upgrade was made possible by a generous grant from DENSO, our largest sponsor.

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