Center for Manufacturing Research

Manufacturing Education Using Virtual Environment Resources - "MANEUVER"

(NSF Award # 1700674)


January 10 Opening Meeting Recording

January 14 Closing Meeting Recording


  • Project MANEUVER - MANufacturing Education Using Virtual Environment Resources, Magesh Chandramouli, Purdue University Northwest,



  • Scaling Hands-On Learning Principles in Manufacturing through Augmented Reality, John Liu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,









For assistance contact:

Michelle Davis, Coordinator,  931-372-6386 or

Dr. Ismail Fidan, Co-Principal Investigator,  931-372-6298 or 

Mel Cossette, Co-Principal Investigator,   425-640-1376  or

Dr. George Chitiyo, Project Evaluator,  931-372-3676


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