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Planning for College

Paying for college is a big financial responsibility for any family. However, a majority (about 70%) of students here at Tennessee Tech receive some type of financial aid to help manage their school costs. The financial aid that we have at Tennessee Tech includes state and federal grants, student loans, parent loans, and a wide variety of scholarships including the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship.

What can you be doing to plan financially for college?

Use the Internet

The Internet has a lot of good information to think about when you start to plan for college. Think about the scholarship search sites at all the colleges and universities where you might like to go to school, and check out the websites for each of those schools.

Gather Information from Different Schools

Find the financial aid section of the school website and check out what the financial aid office uses to calculate the student's total cost of attendance, which is an official student budget for each school. Be careful about this figure, since it includes items like personal incidental expenses, books, and travel, which are items that the school will not likely bill you for directly. And items like room and board may be more than what the residence halls and meal plans cost, because many schools like Tennessee Tech use an average dollar amount which factors in those late night snacks and even off campus apartments. You can find Tennessee Tech's Cost of Attendance on our web site.

Learn How to Apply for Financial Aid

Information about filling out the FAFSA

Look Locally for Scholarships

Ask for information about scholarships from your high school guidance office, religious organizations, as well as local community and civic groups. It's at places like these that you will find many scholarships offered by the organizations such as the American Legion, Rotary Clubs, Girl and Boy Scouts, and the YMCA. Don't forget your parent's employer, as they may offer educational assistance or perhaps you would qualify for a tuition discount, depending on where your mom or dad works. There are also some legitimate and free national scholarship search sites that have already been checked-out by schools such as Tennessee Tech. Learn more about **TTU Scholarships(get from admissions/scholarships).

Look Nationally for Free National Scholarship Search Sites

FastWeb: Free Scholarships and College Searches Free College Scholarship Search & Financial Aid Information Resource

Scholarship Scams If you have to pay money to get money, it's probably a scam.

Varsity Tutors College Scholarship Contest

Search Government Resources

The U. S. government has set up a web site just for you, too! The gateway that provides access to government resources for planning and paying for your education is This site has a lot of helpful information that you should definitely check out!

Remember also that the U. S. Armed Forces offer financial aid opportunities. For more information on recruitment incentives and other ways to help pay for college, you should visit

Additionally, the Department of Veteran's Affairs office offers assistance. If you (or your spouse) are a veteran, or a dependent of a veteran, you may be eligible for educational benefits. Information is available at

Explore Investment Opportunities

These opportunities available for those who still have a few years before the student enrolls.

College Savings Plans Network

Smart Saving for College - College Planning

If you have any questions concerning the financial aid process please contact our Financial Aid Office.

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