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Bachelor of Science in Music

The Bachelor of Science in Music curriculum is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in the field of music that don’t fit the traditional models of music education or music performance. 

The curricular flexibility of this degree allows students to receive strong musical training while pursuing a minor(s) in a complementary field of study. This flexibility enables students to further diversify their skillset and customize their program of study to their desired career path.

Students who graduate from this degree program will be prepared to assume a variety of positions, combining their musical background with other areas of interest, such as business, marketing, technology, and/or management.


Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Music degree will be prepared to pursue a wide variety of careers. Some examples include:

  • Art Organizations
  • Live Music Venues
  • Music Agencies
  • Art Academies
  • Religious Organizations
  • Instrument Manufacturers
  • Music Retail and Repair Shops
  • Sound Recording/Reinforcement Companies
  • Motion Picture and Video Companies


Bachelor of Science in Music Requirements:

Students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Music can select from one of the following programs:

Bachelor of Science in Music, Instrumental/Vocal
Bachelor of Science in Music, Live Audio Arts and Sciences (degree option)
Live Audio Curriculum Guide

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