School of Music

Faculty Ensembles

The School of Music at Tennessee Tech University has three faculty ensembles in residence: Brass Arts Quintet, Cumberland Quintet and Faculty Jazz Combo.

  • Brass Arts Quintet

     Brass Arts Quintet

    Brass Arts Quintet Faculty Members (pictured left to right) Scott Hagarty, Greg Danner, Dan Davis, Joshua Hauser, and Chris McCormick

    The Brass Arts Quintet presents an entertaining and informative program of works from all eras of music. Their extensive repertoire includes festive dances of the Renaissance, intricate fugues of the Baroque, operatic selections from the Classical period, lyric works of the Romantic era, brass band music of the 19th-century, and popular music of the last 150 years ranging from parlor songs to selections from musical theater, swing, jazz, and rock.

  • Cumberland Quintet

     Cumberland Quintet

    Cumberland Quintet Faculty Members (pictured left to right): Jeremy Hansen, Michael Adduci, Jeff Womack, Mary Matthews and Mark Cramer

    The Cumberland Quintet was established in 1972 as a resident faculty ensemble of the Tennessee Tech University's School of Music. The group's members are active performers and teachers both through their work at TN Tech and through outreach to communities all around Tennessee and beyond. The quintet has toured throughout the United States and in Europe, performed on live radio and television broadcasts, and has been part of an educational public television series seen across the country. The Cumberland Quintet has built a reputation for unique programming, fine musicianship and engaging rapport with a wide variety of audiences.

    For more information about the quintet, upcoming events, or to arrange a school visit, please contact us at

  • Faculty Jazz Combo

    (Faculty Members: Colin Hill, Matthew Younglove, Chris McCormick, Joshua Hauser, David Odegaard and Paul Thurmond)

    The Faculty Jazz Combo was founded to perform and promote the uniquely American music of Jazz. The group emphasizes the art of jazz improvisation. Featuring piano, bass, drums, trumpet, sax, and trombone, the Faculty Jazz Combo plays many styles including Dixieland, Swing, Bebop, Hard Bop, Latin Styles, and Rock. Members of this group have performed all over the world in a variety of settings.


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