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2022-2023 Flute Studio


The Flute Studio at Tennessee Tech provides a vibrant and invigorating environment for aspiring young musicians, educators, and entrepreneurs. At the School of Music, flutists have the opportunity to perform in department recitals, community events, and regional and national conferences including the National Flute Association Annual Convention.

Our students actively participate in organizing and promoting their own chamber ensembles, developing successful pedagogy and private studios, and collaborating with their peers across disciplines.

Every semester, the Flute Studio is visited by world-renowned guest artists and highly successful young professionals in the fields of Performance, Education, and Music Business & Entrepreneurship.

Join us for one of the many events hosted by the Tennessee Tech Flute Studio each year including our annual Flute Day (February), Flute Studio Recitals, Flute Choir Recitals, and numerous school and community outreach events throughout the year.
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