Human Resources

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is the first impression new hires have of what being an employee at Tennessee Tech is going to be like.  It is an opportunity to ensure that a new employee feels welcomed, to increase the speed at which the employee learns their new job, and to build Tennessee Tech’s reputation as a great place to work.

After the applicant accepts the offer, Human Resources will initiate background checks and verify educational degrees.  Results are typically received within 5 business days of date initiated.  Any issues will be communicated to the hiring manager.

Upon the employee’s successful completion of pre-employment checks (background and education) and the new employee is seated into the position, a “Welcome to Tech” email will be sent from Human Resources. This email will provide their employee ID (T number), their email address, a link to establish their Tennessee Tech Domain Account password, and information on completing our onboarding process through PeopleAdmin.

The new employee will receive an email from Tennessee Tech (via TalentED) with their username and a link to reset a password to access the Onboarding module within PeopleAdmin. This Onboarding module is designed to provide employees an opportunity to complete their mandatory human resource documents prior to their first day of employment.

The new employee will be prompted to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) process and Retirement Plan selection on or before their first day of employment. Information will be provided to assist the employee with their decisions.

Documents that are included as part of the Onboarding process are:

  • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)
  • Retirement Selection
  • Direct Deposit
  • W-4
  • Faculty & Staff Information Sheet
  • Bid Disclosure
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Intellectual Property Agreement
  • Parking Selection & Payroll Deduction
  • Campus Map
  • Health Insurance Marketplace Notice
  • Required Policies Review

Manager's Onboarding Guide

Managers play an important role in helping new employees become an integrated part of Tennessee Tech. Relationships, skills and positive attitudes established in the first few weeks are critical to success. The relationship between a new employee and their manager is a determining factor in whether an employee chooses to stay with an organization. The following information checklists will help ensure your new hires are set up for success in their new role, and will make sure you don’t miss any important steps. Begin the onboarding process at least one week before the employee’s first day.

Prepare for Employee’s Arrival

Onboarding is a process – get started on the right foot. Preparing before the employee arrives helps the employee feel welcome from day one and shows that you are happy to have the employee on your team.

Engage early with your employee. Provide information on expected time of arrival, meeting location, parking and dress code.

Set-up resources for your employee. Prepare the employee’s work areas, arrange for computer and telephone, order necessary office supplies, and arrange building/office access.

Prior to First Day

  • Obtain signed job acceptance – HR Generalist
  • Confirm start date
  • Send new employee welcome email
  • Communicate dress code

Procure devices and equipment

  • Computer (including keyboard, mouse, etc.)
  • Phone
  • Access to shared printer, copier, etc.
  • Other job-specific devices

Set up workspace

  • Reserve and office, cubicle or workstation
  • Ensure space has a desk, chair or other necessary office furniture
  • Provide necessary office supplies
  • Provide branded welcome kit (if applicable)

Prepare new hire paperwork

  • Email link for onboarding forms (i.e., W-4, I-9) – HR Generalist
  • Employment contract (if applicable) – HR Generalist
  • Benefits literature – Benefit Specialist
  • Job description

Set up accounts and create logins

  • Email – HR Generalist
  • Computer username and password – HR Generalist
  • Keys/access
  • Telephone
  • Voicemail
  • Time clock system (if applicable)
  • Software (i.e. Microsoft apps, Tech Express, Banner, People Admin)
  • Add employee to relevant email distribution lists

Employee’s First Week

During your employee’s first week, focus on reviewing, reminding, and explaining administrative, regulatory, and policy-related procedures and paperwork. The first week can be overwhelming – make sure your employee has the essentials needed to get off to a good start.

Remind your employee to complete all necessary personnel paperwork. Bring the new employee to Human Resources on the first day of employment to ensure that required documents are complete.

Be sure to take your employee to obtain their campus ID card and to pick up their parking pass. Make sure that Tennessee Tech domain account has been established and confirm their building/office access.

Consider assigning a buddy or mentor to be the new employee’s go-to person when questions arise.

First Day

  • Greet new employee
  • Introduce to team
  • Perform building/office tour including restrooms, mailroom, copy/printer center, break room, coffee/vending machines, emergency exits
  • Take to Eagle Card and Parking to obtain cards
  • Send new hire announcement email
  • Schedule a team lunch
  • Provide a training plan


  • Complete all remaining new hire paperwork – HR Generalist
  • University overview
  • Corporate culture
  • University mission, values, strategic plan
  • Organizational chart
  • Discuss benefits and insurance plans (i.e. medical, dental, vision, retirement, dependent care FSA, educational assistance, employee assistance program, wellness program, paid and unpaid leave, etc.) – Benefit Specialist
  • Cover key policies (i.e. harassment, vacation, sick leave, FMLA/leaves of absences, overtime, personal conduct standards, progressive discipline, security, confidentiality, injury reporting, emergency procedures, etc.)
  • Review safety policies – Campus Police
  • Review technology policies and support training process – ITS
  • Assign a mentor/buddy

Employee’s First 30 Days

During the employee’s first month, continue to help your employee learn their role, get acquainted with systems, tools, programs and equipment needed to perform their job. Ensure that you are providing clarification about their role and performance expectations.

Discuss the annual performance evaluation process and provide information on the functions on which they will be evaluated.

Review annual leave and sick policies and how to report time off.

Check in at least once a week with your employee. Help the employee stay connected to the team.

Now that your employee has been employed at Tennessee Tech for a month, they have most likely completed the necessary paperwork, reviewed the policies and are looking beyond the daily routine toward longer-term growth at the University. The next phase of their onboarding experience is to acclimate them to Tennessee Tech’s culture and expectations. As their manager, you play a crucial role in teaching your employee about Tennessee Tech’s origins, missions, values, and strategic view.

Schedule check-in dates

  • Obtain onboarding feedback
  • One-week check in
  • One-month check in
  • Ninety day check in
  • Six months check in