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Search Committee Training

Hiring managers, search committee chairs and members can increase their chance of the perfect hire with a deeper understanding of Tennessee Tech's search process, strategy, and mission. The training provided here will help you understand your role as a search committee member and provide you with tips and best practices to select the best hire. 

Please begin by reviewing the video below for an example of what NOT to do during an interview.

Best Practices:

  • Develop a list of competency and value based interview questions. Use the same questions for all applicants interviewed.
  • Review Best Practices for Conducting Interviews.
  • Take advantage of phone and/or Skype interviews to save time and money. However, be aware that the method used must be consistent across all applicants being considered even if they are local or internal applicants. If using a phone interview, it's recommended that more than one committee member participates in each phone interview to ensure consistency.
  • Check references once a finalist is selected.
  • Keep applicant information and identities confidential within the search committee process until interviewees are selected. This demonstrates values of accountability, respect, and diversity.

Need additional assistance?  Please click here to email HR to request search committee training for your group or department.

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