The College of Business

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the Tennessee Tech I&E Program!

Our Purpose

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) program, a functioning unit of the Office of Research and Economic Development, exists to empower Tennessee Tech students, faculty, and staff and the surrounding community to create a brighter future for themselves and the world! We do this by facilitating a variety of events and activities that get students thinking on their feet and meeting new people with different perspectives. The program values below serve as standards for all of our programming, because we believe in practicing what we preach. So don't be afraid to come show us your creative side in the iCube and iMakerSpace, or Contact Us for more information about our programs and partners! Our program is here for YOU!

We Believe

  • Innovation is the standard, not the exception
  • Entrepreneurship is a way of life
  • I&E is a global movement for everyone
  • Human-centered thinking is required for effective problem solving
  • Lifelong learning is vital to forward progress