University Color Palette

The visual identity consists of the brand colors, typography and logo system.

Primary Color Palette


Tennessee Tech Purple

  • #4f2984
  • R79, G41, B132
  • C80, M92, Y0, K0
  • PMS 268C

Tennessee Tech Gold

  • #FFDD00
  • R255, G221, B0
  • C0, M10, Y100, K0
  • PMS 109C


Secondary Color Palette

The secondary color palette provides additional options for digital and publication purposes. These colors ensure cohesiveness with overall Tennessee Tech brand. Be sure to use these colors in conjunction with purple and gold.



  • #000000
  • R0, G0, B0
  • C0, M0, Y0, K100


  • #3F4444
  • R63, G68, B68
  • C54, M27, Y36, K82
  • PMS 446C


  • #ffffff
  • R255, G225, B255
  • C0, M0, Y0, K0



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