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Communications & Marketing

Communication with Campus

Employees and students who wish to communicate with the entire campus, whether for events, reminders, or announcements, have a wide variety of ways to do so. If you do wish to release a mass communication, you may choose to do one or more of the following methods:

Tech Times

Posts for Tech Times can be submitted at Be sure to read the submission guidelines beforehand, and if you can, include an engaging photo or graphic. The Tech Times email is released Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, so be sure to keep that in mind when deciding when to publish your announcement in Tech Times.


Digital Signage

All around campus, there are digital signage screens which can display graphic announcements. There are two kinds of screens: horizontal and vertical. Graphics for horizontal screens must be sized at 1920x900 at 92ppi, and vertical screens require 1080x1740 at 92ppi. For full details and resources, as well as instructions on how to submit an announcement for approval, visit


Main Campus Calendar

To submit an event to the main calendar, visit Click “Submit Event” and fill out the event submission form to submit your event. If you need assistance, or wish to batch upload several events at a time, visit the calendar support page.


Social Media

Some announcements may also be delivered via social media such as Twitter or Instagram. Visit for guidelines and official hashtags. If you don’t have a Tech social media account and are interested in having your post appear on official Tech social media accounts, email for assistance.


Event Management System (EMS)

If you need to request a room or space for your event, you can do so using the Event Management System. Faculty, staff, and students can request spaces through EMS and any one that is not affiliated with Tech with can view details here

Communications & Marketing