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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

The Tennessee Tech digital signage network is strategically located across campus to promote announcements, news, student activities, campus community-generated content and events, as well as critical updates such as emergency information and weather advisories. The network consists of 90+ display devices, typically a wall mounted LCD screen, that can vary in orientation and size and whether it is a static or interactive sign.

The signage on campus is overseen by two departments: Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Office of Communication and Marketing (OCM). ITS manages the set-up and hardware. OCM oversees the content manager training, signage content (which includes templates), permissions and content approvals.


  • Getting Digital Signage for Your Area

    Getting Started

    Requesting a Sign ›

    To request a sign, you'll need to speak with your ITS Tier 2 Representative. A meeting will be set up to discuss what type of sign you'll be wanting (static vs interactive), size of the screen, and location. The process is simple and straight forward. ITS will inform you of all costs involved. Once setup, we can move on to the next step, creating content.

    Template Set-Up ›

    Once the screen is installed, OCM will then set up the sign's template for you to edit. The manager(s) will then need to be trained on the digital signage content management system. 

    Accessing and Managing Your Sign

    Training and Sign Access ›

    In order to gain access to a new or current sign, you must first undergo training on the campus digital signage content management system. While we are in the process of transitioning to our new system, all trainings have been postponed; however, if you’re interested in being trained after the implementation is complete, or in adding a new sign, please email us at so that we can include you in communications and ensure you have access to training when trainings resume.

Submitting Content to Campus Wide Signage

Content can be submitted to the Office of Communications and Marketing to be reviewed and distributed to all sign mangers on campus. This is a great way to get your university-related messaging out to all sign managers. Remember that utilizing signage from the dropbox is optional and up to the sign manager, and that all submissions must be university-related, be submitted by a Tennessee Tech email, and meet minimum requirements. To submit content for review, use the button below. 


Need assistance? 

If at any point you need assistance or have a question, we want to hear from you! Fill out the Digital Signage Support Request form linked below, or reach out to me directly, and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Sara Wright Assistant Director of Web & Digital Media
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