Whether you’re looking to build your webpages, add content to your official social media accounts, or need stock photos for a project, it’s important to know what resources you have at your disposal. Below are resources to help support and enhance your web and digital media assets, reporting tools for your web content and web pages, and more. If you have any questions regarding any of the resources below, be sure to let us know. We’re always happy to help!

» Web Resources
» Digital Media Resources
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Web Resources

In the Web Support Portal, you'll find information essential for all web managers: the Modern Campus CMS Knowledge Base, guidelines for building and maintaining your pages, request forms, and more. Additionally, if you have documents you'd like to make machine-readable, the Accessible Education Center has made SensusAccess available for free! Simply upload one or more files, and the tool will return your file in an alternative, accessible format.

Digital Media Resources

Whether you're working on the website, your official Tech social media account, digital signage, or some other project, odds are that you need digital media and resources to develop your graphics. In the Digital Signage Portal, you'll find tutorials, resources, templates, and stock slides ready-to-go for your signs. In Photo Tools, you'll find a collection of online tools for editing, resizing, and compressing your images. And on the official Tennessee Tech stock site, you'll have access to an essential resource for stock images to use in your projects.

Additional Resources

In addition to the resources above, there is also the Marketing Toolkit, an essential creative resource for any project. You'll find the official Tennessee Tech color palette, fonts, and more! Need help getting your project off the ground? We're here to help. The Office of Communications & Marketing offers a wide array of services to make your projects successful, engaging, and professional.


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