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Web & Digital Media Services

Web & Digital Media provides professional services to departments that may not have the need for an in-house web editor or for those that require additional support to build out their web pages beyond the capabilities of their staff. The Web & Digital Media team provides fee-based services to assist with projects from content updates to complete website management and custom email and digital signage templates. We operate as a fee-based department that provides these services to university departments and offices that maintain content on any platform we manage.

Services Provided

  • Site Maintenance and Updates
  • New Page Creation
  • Entire Section/Site Creation
  • Build Custom Reusable Content (assets, snippets, or components)
  • Full Section Review
  • Form Creation
  • Advanced HTML/Code Builds (within Omni CMS)
  • PDF Accessibility Conversion
  • Full Web Analytic Reports
  • SiteImprove Access
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Custom Digital Signage Templates
  • Advanced Training

One-Time Projects

The standard rate for the project-based services mentioned above is $40 per hour, with a one hour minimum. Each request will be reviewed and an estimated time to completion and cost will be provided before work is started. Each one-time project will be considered in the order we receive them. One-time projects may not be given immediate priority and will be completed as time and resources are available. 

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Yearly Maintenance Plan

For an annual fee, our team will provide dedicated, priority development and maintenance of your section, including all changes, builds and enhancements in Omni CMS*. The fee is $450 per year for the first 100 pages of any section and sub-sections within. If your section is beyond 100 pages, additional fees may apply based on the total number of pages. 

Each subscription will be provided two hours of work each week. This is needed to ensure we are able to support all clients with available staffing. If you require additional hours, the request may be considered a one-time project and charged accordingly. *Areas outside of Omni CMS are not included in the Yearly Maintenance Plan, such as, but not limited to, custom emails and digital signage templates. 

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Annual Siteimprove Subscription

In addition to our other services, Web & Digital Media also offers access to Siteimprove as a yearly subscription. Access to Siteimprove allows web managers access to detailed analytics, provides easy identification of issues such as broken links, and reports on issues affecting content quality, accessibility, search engine optimization, and more. These advanced analytics are available for $75 per user, charged annually in July.

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