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Digital Signage

Digital Signage Training

If you have a new digital sign, or need access to a current sign, you'll first need to be trained on our digital signage content management system. If you already have access to a sign, but would like a quick refresher, please sign up for a Digital Signage 1-1 session. 

In the next couple of weeks, we will begin transitioning from our previous digital signage provider to our new digital signage provider, Visix. Further details will be available soon, but in the meantime, training new users on our previous digital signage provider, Reach, will be postponed until after the transition. If you have any questions or anything you need urgent assistance with, please feel free to email for assistance.

I. Requesting Access

The first step is to request access to our digital signage platform. Fill out the form below, and once approved, you can then sign up for training.

  • Request Digital Signage Access

II. Completing Training

New users must complete Digital Signage Training before they can be given access. To see all trainings available, or if you have trouble opening any of the training links below, please visit the Web & Digital Media team's full training calendar

  • Digital Signage Training

    Digital signage training covers the basics of our content management system, including uploading, editing, and managing content, as well as basic troubleshooting. Once training is completed, you'll have full access to your sign and its content, will be added to the mailing list for the Digital Signage Newsletter, and have access to the digital signage dropbox. Reaching trainings take an hour and are conducted over Teams. You must request access before registering for training using the form above.

    Register for Reach Training

  • Group Digital Signage Training

    Digital signage training can be scheduled for groups as well as individuals. Like regular trainings, group trainings are an hour and are conducted over Teams. Group trainings can be booked for up to three attendees; if you'd like to book a group training for more than three attendees, please consult the booking calendar for an open session that will work for your group, and then contact Sara Wright directly at with the date, time, and the list of attendees (please include full names and emails). 


  • Digital Signage 1-1

    Reach 1-1 sessions are up to a half hour long and are conducted over Teams. These sessions are flexible and can be used as a quick refresher or as a Q-and-A. Digital Signage 1-1 sessions cannot replace the full digital signage training session and are for trained users only.


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