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Digital Signage Resources

All signs start out with the Standard layout, horizontal or vertical depending on sign orientation; the vast majority of signs use the Standard Horizontal layout. Be sure to use the following dimensions when creating your content so that it displays correctly on your signs! We also have stock slides available for download below.

Standard Screens, Horizontal
1920w x 950h pixels at 92 PPI (JPG, PNG, PDF)

Standard Screens, Vertical
1080w x 1790h pixels at 92 PPI (JPG, PNG, PDF)

2-Column Layouts, Main Section*
1265w x 950h pixels (4:3) at 92 PPI (JPG, PNG, PDF)
*The narrow column is precisely 620 x 950 (3:2) but does not need to be designed for if you are preparing graphics for the digital signage shared dropbox.

Fullscreen, 2K or 4K (such as the video wall in the RUC)
3840w x 2160h pixels at 92 PPI (JPG, PNG, PDF)

Digital Signage Guidelines

While creating and posting content to your sign, it's important to keep in mind the Digital Signage Guidelines

Recommended Programs

When creating slides for your sign, we recommend using one of the following programs:

All of these programs allow you to create custom graphics for your signs (see the size specifications above). We highly recommend Canva, which allows you to create graphics at custom sizes at the free account level and is easy to use.

Canva Design Templates

Just getting started designing graphics for your signs and unsure where to start? Get a jumpstart with one of our blank Canva templates, pre-sized to fit each of the most common layouts across campus. If you have any questions as you work on your graphics, always feel free to give us a shout!

Need assistance? If you need assistance building engaging graphics for your sign, you can request graphics from Creative Services!

Creative Services Project Request

Learning Resources

Interested in learning more about graphic design, or need a crash course in the basics? We're always happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the basics you'll need to create digital signage for your sign. We've included below some opportunities to learn and strengthen your graphic design skills. Canva, one of the top resources for sign managers around campus, also has a wide variety of tutorials and self-guided tours available — perfect for those just getting started as well as those interested in a quick refresher! 


Exporting PowerPoint Slides as Images

Depending on your version of PowerPoint, the types of edits you have made, and other variables, PowerPoint files may not upload properly; they may be broken or even blank. PowerPoint files should never be uploaded as-is. If you're most comfortable with PowerPoint, and wish to avoid using Canva, Adobe Spark, befunky, or another free online service, please export your PowerPoint slides as images.

To export your PowerPoint slides as images, your first step is to be sure you're creating your slides at the correct size. On the Design tab, select Slide Size, and then Page Setup. Choose "Custom" from the dropdown menu and enter "1920 px" in the width box and "950 px" in the height box. If you have vertical signs, enter "1080 px" in the width box and "1790 px" in the height box. PowerPoint will automatically convert these to your system measurements. 

When you're done creating your slide(s), it's time to export! On a Mac, select File > Export, and then select the File Format from the dropdown (JPG or PNG). On Windows, select File > Save As, and then in the "Save As Type" dropdown, select the file type (JPG or PNG). Let us know if you have any questions!


Stock Slides

Horizontal Slides

Click an image to download full-sized images, pre-sized and ready-to-go for horizontal screens.

LSC spring sceneT-Eagle on the side of DerryberryMain Quad

Tennessee Tech graphic treatmentLive Wings Up graphicTech football field class photo





Vertical Slides

Click an image to download full-sized images, pre-sized and ready-to-go for vertical screens.

Tech Pride SignSpringLSC Hanging SculptureAerial View of 7th Street








If you have any questions, let us know!



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