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Digital Signage

Digital Signage Resources

All signs start out with a three region template. Use the following dimensions when creating your content to best fit the signs template, or download one of our PowerPoint templates. We also have stock slides available for download below.

Horizontal Screens
1920w x 900h pixels at 92 PPI (JPG, PNG, PDF)
26.67w x 12.5h inches (PowerPoint)
Download Horizontal PowerPoint Template

Vertical Screens
1080w x 1740h pixels at 92 PPI (JPG, PNG, PDF)
14.99w x 24.17h inches (PowerPoint)
Download Vertical PowerPoint Template

Recommended Programs

When creating slides for your sign, we recommend using one of the following programs:

All of these programs allow you to create custom graphics for your signs (see the size specifications above).

Need assistance? If you need assistance building engaging graphics for your sign, you can request graphics from Creative Services! 

Creative Services Project Request

Content Guidelines

When creating your graphics, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Be brief. Use minimal copy to effectively communicate your message; address "what, where, and when" as concisely as possible.

Include contact information. Include a website URL, phone number, and/or email address in case anyone has questions or would like to find out more.

Keep your text large. People will be walking past your sign, and will seldom stop to stand in front of it. Keeping your text large and easy to read will ensure they can see and understand your message as they pass by!

Double-check Tech branding. If you're using the Tennessee Tech logo, or are using official Tech colors like purple or gold, remember to visit the Marketing Toolkit for guidelines on logo usage, helpful color information, and other design details.

Create your files in RGB. When creating .jpg or .png files, remember that they should be in RGB color format. CMYK files will cause your colors to render in an unfavorable way when uploaded to Reach.


Stock Slides

Horizontal Slides

Click an image to download full-sized images, pre-sized and ready-to-go for horizontal screens.

7th StreetCentennial PlazaMain Quad

TristarWings UpMain Quad





Vertical Slides

Click an image to download full-sized images, pre-sized and ready-to-go for vertical screens.

CampusSpringTristarWings Up









If you have any questions, let us know!



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