Posters at the Capitol

Every year since 2006, the State of Tennessee has hosted "Posters at the Capitol" at the State Capitol in Nashville. The 2024 event took place on February 14 and continued to underscore the vital role of STEM research in advancing scientific and technological progress within our state and the nation. This year's event brought together some of the brightest undergraduate minds from eight public universities across Tennessee, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their innovative projects. The participants from Tennessee Tech, accompanied by Dr. Lenly Weathers, the Director of the Office of Creative Inquiry, presented their cutting-edge research to state legislators, policymakers, academic leaders, and Governor Bill Lee.

Advocating for STEM Education and Research

More than a showcase, "Posters at the Capitol" is an interactive forum where students engage in critical discussions with lawmakers. They advocate for the continued support of STEM education and research, demonstrating the direct impact and importance of Tennessee Tech's research initiatives in shaping the future of our state and beyond.

2024 Posters at the Capitol attendees, with Governor Bill Lee2024 Posters at the Capitol attendees, with Governor Bill Lee
Representative Paul Sherrell discusses the GE2 (Golden Eagle Green Enabled) Manufacturing Initiative with Mr. Eli Hudson and Dr. Lenly Weathers
Representative Paul Sherrell discusses the GE2 (Golden Eagle Green Enabled)
Manufacturing Initiative with Mr. Eli Hudson and Dr. Lenly Weathers

Our Representatives

The following Tennessee Tech students presented their research, representing the intersection of academic rigor and real-world application:

  • Anna Brown, under the mentorship of Dr.  Jane Liu, presented her research on "Snap-Through Buckling and Energy Dissipation of Viscoelastic Metamaterial Arch-Shells," a study with potential applications in enhancing the safety and efficiency of architectural and aerospace structures. Representative Mark Cochran and Senator Adam Lowe were invited to meet with Anna to discuss her research.
  • Claudia McDavid, guided by Dr. Jeffrey Boles, presented her research on the "Utilization of APCI-Mass Spectrometry for Field Identification of Opioids," which promises to enhance on-site drug analysis for law enforcement and public health officials. Representative John Crawford and Senator Jon Lundberg were invited to meet with Claudia and discuss her findings.
  • Justin King, with Dr. Mostafa Rahnama as a mentor, presented "Examining the Mechanisms of Telomeric Position Effect (TPE) in Pyricularia oryzae", research that has significant implications for understanding crop disease resistance and improving agricultural yields. Representative Michael Hale and Senator Paul Bailey were invited to discuss Justin's project.
  • Jake Officer, collaborating with Dr. Ismail Fidan and Mr. Eli Hudson, introduced the "GE2 (Golden Eagle Green Enabled) Manufacturing Initiative." Representative Paul Sherrell, Representative Ryan Williams, and Senator Paul Bailey were invited to meet with Jake and Eli to discuss their project.
  • Braden Moore, under the mentorship of Dr. Hannah Kinmonth-Schultz, explored the question, "Do CO2-induced Sugar Changes Influence the FLC Gene and Flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana?" This research is pivotal for advancing our understanding of plant biology in relation to climate change, with implications for agriculture and ecosystem management. Representative Scott Cepicky and Senator Joey Hensley were invited to discuss Brayden's project.

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