Types of Scholarships & Grants

ScholarWeb is the name of Tennessee Tech's scholarship application and awarding system. The ScholarWeb scholarship application is required to be considered for departmental scholarships and most Admissions scholarships. Students must already be admitted to access the scholarship application.

The 2024-2025 scholarship application will be available beginning Aug. 1, 2023. For incoming freshmen, this application must be submitted by the deadline date of December 15, 2023. For incoming transfer students beginning in the Summer or Fall of 2024, this application must be submitted by May 1, 2024.

Please take a moment to review the different scholarship and grant categories listed below. Most Tennessee Tech scholarships and grants are competitive and funds are limited. Although we make every effort to recognize outstanding students, no scholarships/grants are guaranteed unless explicitly stated.

Scholarship Categories

Admissions Scholarships and Grants

University-funded scholarships and grants for incoming freshman and transfer students. These scholarships are awarded based on various criteria including, but not limited to, academic merit, financial need, extracurricular activities, and demonstrated leadership abilities.

Admissions scholarships and grants are renewable for a specified number of semesters as long as the student maintains the renewal eligibility requirements.

The Presidential Scholars Guaranteed Scholarship is guaranteed to students who meet the criteria. All other scholarships and grants are competitive and based on funding. Students who qualify may only receive one Admissions Scholarship or Grant.

Departmental & Donor-Funded Scholarships

Departments and offices on campus award scholarships to new freshman, transfer, and currently enrolled students. Departmental and donor-funded scholarships are for varying amounts and are based on varying criteria. Review the criteria of any Tennessee Tech scholarship with the Search Scholarships feature in ScholarWeb portal. You may also wish to contact the department of your major to inquire about specific scholarships and eligibility requirements.

Athletic Scholarships

Unlike other Tennessee Tech Scholarships, athletic scholarships are not awarded through the Scholarship Office. For more information on scholarships in Athletics, contact the Tennessee Tech Athletic Department at 1-800-825-3948 and speak to a coach in the sports program you are interested in joining. Further details are provided in the Recruits section at

Honors Program Scholarships

The Tennessee Tech Honors Program offers several scholarship opportunities for students participating in the Honors Program. Honors scholarships require an additional application (also found in ScholarWeb). For more information on the Honors Program and Honors scholarships, visit the Honors Website.

Music Scholarships

The Music Department awards band scholarships to both majors and non-majors that require an audition. Visit the Music Department website for further details and to submit an Audition Application. To contact the Music department directly, email

ROTC (Military Science) Scholarships

For information on ROTC (Military Science) program, visit the Tennessee Tech Army ROTC website or contact the Military Science Department at 931-372-3283.

For information about their scholarships, visit Army ROTC Scholarships.

Outside (Non-Tennessee Tech University) Scholarships

"Outside" or "external" scholarships are terms used for any scholarship awarded to a student by an outside agency such as a church, civic organization, high school, business, private donor, foundation, or any other external (non-Tennessee Tech) agencies. Typically, these are scholarships that are not administered by Tennessee Tech. If you are interested in applying for outside scholarships, please review our tips and advice for applying for external scholarships.

These outside scholarships must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid. For more information about the process for Outside Scholarships, visit Financial Aid's Outside/External Scholarships webpage.

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