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Scholarship Application

What types of scholarships are available to new students?

Scholarship applicants are reviewed for all admissions, departmental and donor-funded scholarships for which they are eligible. Admissions scholarships are only available to incoming freshmen students and are largely merit-based. The Golden Opportunity Grant is a needs-based grant for incoming freshmen that looks at a number of criteria such as financial need, academic scores, community-based activities, and demonstrated leadership abilities. Departmental and donor-funded scholarships have their own unique criteria, reviewing anything from an applicant's GPA or financial need to honors, talents, awards, employment history or county of residence. ScholarWeb provides information on the hundreds of scholarships Tech has to offer through the Scholarship Search tool.

How do I apply for Tennessee Tech scholarships?

You apply for Tech scholarships via an online application called ScholarWeb. Please refer to our helpful How to Apply guide for complete information.

Do I need to apply for each scholarship individually?

No. You just have to complete and submit one single online application via ScholarWeb to be considered for over 600 scholarships available at Tennessee Tech. The online application will match you will all the scholarships for which you are eligible, and the review committees for each scholarship will then go over all qualified applicants and choose the students they would like to award. Applicants do not have to apply to individual scholarships separately. 

Music Performance, ROTC, the Honors Program, and Athletic departments have separate requirements for their scholarships. To view more information about the different scholarships offered at Tennessee Tech, visit our Tennessee Tech Scholarships & Grants page.

When can I apply for Tennessee Tech scholarships?

Applicants submit a scholarship application between August 1 and December 15 to apply to scholarships for the following academic year. For example, if you want to be considered for scholarships for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 academic year, you would submit an application between August 1, 2019 and December 15, 2019. 

Who should apply for scholarships?

All students who will be attending Tennessee Tech in the following academic year should complete the scholarship application each fall. This includes prospective (admitted) students, undergraduates, graduate students, and international students. Please note that you do have to be admitted to Tennessee Tech first before you can apply for scholarships.

What if I missed the scholarship deadline?

You need to have completed the Tennessee Tech scholarship application by the deadline to be considered for university scholarships. If you missed the scholarship deadline for the coming year, you may complete the scholarship application starting in August for the following academic year.

Supporting Documentation

Are recommendations a requirement?

Some specific majors and scholarships do require recommendations. To be considered for all possible Tennessee Tech scholarships, you are required to submit the name and email address of at least one recommender in order to submit your application. You can log in to ScholarWeb and list the email address of any recommender that you wish to complete a recommendation for you. That person will receive an e-mail with a link. Once they click on that link, they will be brought into ScholarWeb to complete a recommendation for you. All recommendations must be completed by the recommender in ScholarWeb.

You can also see which recommendations have been completed for you within ScholarWeb. You will find additional guidelines in the application form for any specific letters of recommendation that need to be submitted for a specific scholarship or major. 

How can recommenders complete a letter of recommendation for me?

In ScholarWeb, you can list the email address of any recommender that you wish to complete a recommendation for you. That person will receive an e-mail with a link. Once they click on that link, they will be brought into a ScholarWeb page to complete a recommendation for you. All recommendations must be completed by the recommender in ScholarWeb. We cannot accept recommendations sent via any other method, such as through e-mail, snail mail, etc.

How do I send recommendation reminders or make a new recommendation request?

Log in to ScholarWeb via Eagle Online and select the blue "Recommendations" button in the Applicant Home screen. You will then see the requests that you have already made and whether or not they have been read or completed. The option to send reminder e-mails or withdraw a request and make a new request is available there as well. Three recommendations are the most any applicant would require for scholarship review.

How important is the high school transcript in scholarship selection?

If you are an incoming freshman, your high school transcript is very important! You will not be considered for any university or departmental scholarships if we don't have your transcript. We use the transcript on file in the Office of Admissions at the time of awarding. It is best to request your transcript as early in the fall as possible to ensure it reaches us in time to be reviewed for scholarships.

I want to be considered for scholarships that require financial need. Is there an additional form I should fill out?

Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible after Oct. 1. The deadline to complete the FAFSA for need-based scholarships is Dec. 15. Apply online at The FAFSA is also the official federal document for determining financial need and eligibility for all forms of financial aid in addition to scholarships. If you are eligible for the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (HOPE), you must complete the FAFSA. For more information about the FAFSA, visit the Office of Financial Aid's website.

If I increase my ACT or SAT score, will my scholarship increase?

The deadline to submit supplementary or supporting materials is the January 15 following the scholarship application deadline. We use the highest ACT/ SAT scores submitted by that date. This means that any new ACT/SAT scores submitted after that point will not be used for scholarship consideration. See the scholarship timeline for new freshmen for more information.

Scholarship Awarding

I submitted a scholarship application by the December 15 deadline. When can I expect to receive scholarship offers?

A bulk of the scholarship awarding will be completed by the end of March in the following year. However, some departmental scholarships could take months as some departments take longer to decide on who to award. Applicants should keep checking their Tech student e-mail accounts regularly because notifications of scholarship offers will be sent there.

How will I know if I have received a scholarship?

If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will be notified by the department offering the scholarship. Notifications are sent to your Tennessee Tech student e-mail account, so we recommend that you check that account regularly. A majority of scholarship offers will be made by March 31, but some departmental scholarships may take longer to be awarded. You can always log in to your ScholarWeb account via Eagle Online at any time and review the Award Information section for most up-to-date scholarship status.

What types of information do departments consider when awarding scholarships?

Most departments strongly consider GPA, especially in the subject of your major. They may also consider ACT scores, extracurricular activities, honor/recognition, financial need, and experience related to your field of interest.

Do I have to accept my scholarship? Is there an acceptance deadline?

Yes, if you do not accept your Tennessee Tech scholarship within the specified time frame, it may be revoked or canceled. Students usually have two weeks to accept the scholarship in ScholarWeb after being offered the award. Some scholarships may have other requirements and if those requirements are not met by the specified time frame, the scholarship(s) may be canceled.

I received a scholarship offer but haven’t decided on whether I will be attending Tennessee Tech. What should I do about the offer?

We understand that many high school students will not have made their final decisions about college by the time they receive scholarship offers from us. We recommend that you go ahead and accept the scholarship. If you do decide to attend another school, it would be great if you could send us an e-mail to let us know. That way, we can offer those funds to another deserving student. You will not locking yourself into anything by accepting a scholarship offer from us.

If I didn’t receive notification, does that mean I was not selected for a Tennessee Tech scholarship?

Yes. Scholarship offers are sent by email and posted to ScholarWeb. If you do not have a scholarship offer in the Award Information section of your ScholarWeb account, then you have not been selected for an offer. Remember, eligibility does not guarantee selection. You will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships through ScholarWeb each fall. HOPE scholarships, loans, grants and all other forms of financial aid requiring FAFSA submission are NOT posted in ScholarWeb. Check your Eagle Online account for information on financial aid awarded by the Tennessee Tech's Office of Financial Aid.

If I am not awarded any Tennessee Tech scholarships, what other scholarship / financial aid options do I have?

It is always recommended that you complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). We also suggest that you check with civic and professional organizations, parents’/students’ employers, your local businesses, and national scholarship searches for scholarship opportunities. Scholarship committees may choose alternates, in the event the chosen recipient(s) does not attend or complete the necessary requirements for the scholarship, so continue to actively monitor your student email account all year. You can apply for Tennessee Tech scholarships each year in ScholarWeb.

Scholarship Renewals

Will I lose a scholarship if I switch majors?

In many instances, yes. If you are receiving a departmental scholarship, it generally requires you to major in that department. If you are unsure of the requirements for a scholarship you have been awarded, we advise you to contact us before changing your major to ensure you are fully informed.

I have a renewable scholarship. Do I still need to fill out a scholarship application every year?

If you have a renewable Admissions scholarship (High Flyers, University Academic Service, Golden Opportunity, etc.), your scholarship will be automatically renewed every year as long as you meet all of the renewal requirements. You are not required to submit a scholarship application every year in order for your admissions scholarship to be renewed. 

However, if you have a renewable departmental or donor-funded scholarship, you are required to submit a scholarship application every year in order to be considered for renewal. Please note that for many departmental and donor-funded scholarships, renewals are not guaranteed even if you are currently a recipient. Additional renewal requirements for you specific award will be outlined in ScholarWeb.

Students who have been re-awarded a renewable scholarship for the upcoming year will receive a notification via e-mail. They will then have to log onto Eagle Online and accept the scholarship for the year before the funds can be posted on their account.

I have been awarded a scholarship or grant that requires me to perform service hours. What does that mean?

Some university scholarships or grants require students to work a certain number of hours at an on-campus department. Read more about academic service hours or view available student job titles and descriptions.

If you fail to complete the required number of service hours, you will be placed on scholarship probation the following semester. If a student fails to meet any renewal requirement after their probation semester, their scholarship or grant will be permanently canceled.

Outside Scholarships

How do I provide the donor of an outside or agency scholarship with enrollment verification?

Students have secure access to enrollment verification through Eagle Online. Refer to the Enrollment Verification section of the Office of the Registrar's webpage for more information.

Where do I send funds for an outside or agency scholarship I am awarded?

Scholarships not funded by Tennessee Tech are referred to as "outside" or "agency" scholarships by the University. Outside scholarship checks should include the full name and T-Number of the scholarship recipient. Mail all outside/agency scholarship checks to:

Mrs. Claudette Venters
Office of Financial Aid
1000 N. Dixie Ave, Box 5076
Cookeville, TN 38505-0001

Please visit the External Scholarships page on the Financial Aid website for additional instructions. Unless otherwise specified by the donor, the total award amount will be divided equally between fall and spring terms. You may also deliver the check by hand to the Financial Aid Office in Jere Whitson Building room 302.


Who should I contact for more information on scholarships?

The scholarship staff in the Office of Financial Aid process and manage the Tennessee Tech University scholarship (ScholarWeb) application. Contact us about Tennessee Tech University scholarships by using the Contact Us form.

For departmental scholarships, you may also contact the awarding department. The HOPE scholarship is managed by the Office of Financial Aid, in addition to, FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), loans, grants and work study assignments.

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