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University Academic Service Hours

Some university scholarships or grants require students to work a certain number of hours at an on-campus department or in the community. University academic service (UAS) hours are intended to be first and foremost an educational benefit for students. Service hours enhance career readiness by providing students an opportunity to learn job skills, gain resume experience, and build professional relationships with TN Tech faculty and staff.

Service Assignments

If you accept the scholarship or grant, you will be contacted each summer by the Financial Aid Office with instructions on how to find out terms of your service such as the department you’ve been assigned, your supervisor’s name and contact information.

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Exemption for Academic or Co-Curricular Activities

Certain activities are considered sufficiently academically enriching to substitute for the university academic service requirement. If you are participating in any of the following for an entire semester, you will be exempt from service hours. Note: always check with the Office of Financial Aid prior to the semester in question to ensure you have taken all of the steps necessary to be considered exempt.

Automatically Exempt
  • Co-op
  • Study abroad
  • Student teaching (Residency II)
  • Nursing clinicals (Junior and Senior level)
Exempt with Request for Exception
  • Internship
  • Social work practicum

Failure to Complete Service Requirement

If you fail to complete the required number of service hours, you will be placed on scholarship probation the following semester. If a student fails to meet any renewal requirement after their probation semester, their scholarship or grant will be permanently canceled.

If you are unable to complete your service hours due to major illness or some other form of hardship, you have the option to submit a Request for Exception form to the Office of Financial Aid.

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