Registration of Classes

How Do I Register For Classes at Tennessee Tech?

We are excited that you are coming and we want you to have one of the best experiences of your life! 

Here are the steps for you to look up the classes you will take when you come to Tennessee Tech.

  • Go to Eagle Online and click on Enter Eagle Online
  • For your User ID you will use the T number provided in your acceptance letter.
  • For your initial PIN, it will be set to your birthdate in this order: Month, Day, Year and only two digits for each. For example, if your birthday is on February 11, 1995 your PIN would be 021195 (no dashes or slashes) Click Login. *3 unsuccessful attempts to login will lock you out of the system.

Of course after you are logged in you can change your PIN and it may ask you to set up security questions. 

  • After login into Eagle Online you will get a new screen with different tabs on the top, click on the Student tab and then Registration.
  • Click on Schedule Planner 
    It will ask you for an Alternate PIN (this will be provided when you have been fully admitted)
  • Select the Term when you will attend Tennessee Tech and click Submit
  • Under Add or Drop Classes, click Schedule Planner new and you will be automatically directed to the site

The schedule planner site should look like the screenshot below.

registration 1

  • Click the box with Tennessee Tech Univ, Main and click Save and Continue
  • Once on the Schedule Planner website, click on Add Course. (Refer to picture below)

registration 2


  • It will bring you to a list of all subjects offered where you can look up which classes will work best for you. (Refer to picture below) Select Subject for a listing of department prefixes, then select Course code for the specific course.  Then click Add Course, and the course will appear to the right of the screen.

registration 3

  • After selecting 4-6 courses, click on Schedule Planner.
  • You will see the courses listed as on the screen below.  
  • After course selection is complete, click on Generate Schedules and it will provide you with a number of schedule options.  Click View to see each one.

registration 5


  • When you have chosen the schedule that you prefer, take a screenshot like the image below showing the list of classes, the generated schedule and email it to The generated schedule should look like this. 

registration 4

Once you send us your schedule of classes, we will help you register!

Note: This process does not register you for the classes, it only generates a possible schedule for you. After sending us your schedule, the Study Abroad Office will request permits for each class from each department. After the permits are granted, then students will be able to register online.

Students can look up course descriptions in the catalog.

Exchange students can email or bring any Learning Agreements or other home university documents to the Study Abroad Office for verification and signatures in Derryberry Hall 434.

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