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How Do I Register For Classes at Tennessee Tech?

We are excited that you are coming and we want you to have one of the best experiences of your life! 

Here are the steps for you to look up the classes you will take when you come to Tennessee Tech. 

  • TechExpress

    You first need to sign up for TechExpress

    TechExpress is our campus portal. It gives you one-click access to most Tech services, like email, Eagle Online, iLearn, LinkedIn Learning, etc.

  • Choose Classes

    Search for courses needed for the upcoming term via Eagle Online's Class Schedule link.  You will need to plan for 1-2 alternate classes in case you need to change them around. When building possible course schedule options within Schedule Planner, look at the course delivery options for each section you plan to register for in the spring. As Exchange/Visiting students, you should avoid online classes. 

    Please send a screenshot of your Schedule Planner to The Study Abroad OfficeBe prepared to talk with the Study Abroad Office staff regarding any questions or concerns you have.

  • Adding/Dropping Classes

    When Exchange/Visiting students get entered into the TTU database, they are classified as first year students even though they are not.  Therefore,  you will in most cases need to work with the Study Abroad Office staff to request permits on your behalf from the individual departments so you will be able to add the classes you want.  In addition, we encourage students to request the classes they want even if it shows online that the class is full/closed.  In most cases, we can get you into the classes you need.  

  • Verify Class Schedule

    Review Your Schedule
    If you encountered any errors while enrolling in a course (such as “the selected class is full,” “overlapping time schedule," “invalid CRN,” etc), these messages will be displayed. You can then enter another CRN or get a permit via the Study Abroad Office. Please see the Registrar's Office for more information.

  • Confirm Class Schedule

    All students must confirm enrollment by the applicable deadline each semester in order to retain his/her schedule. Enrollment confirmation is necessary even if your fees are fully covered by a scholarship, graduate assistantship, loan, or other financial aid. Failure to confirm enrollment by the deadline will result in schedule cancellation.  Please see the Bursar's Office for information on fees, how to pay your balance and confirm your class schedule.

    Students who select courses during registration must pay fees and confirm their schedule prior to the beginning of the term to prevent schedule cancellation/deletion and to avoid being assessed a $100 late registration/confirmation fee. The late fee is assessed for fee payments made after the start of the term during Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Students can look up course descriptions in the CATALOG.

Exchange/Visiting students can email or bring any Learning Agreements or other home university documents to the Study Abroad Office for verification and signatures in Derryberry Hall 434.

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