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How do I pay for the costs that I'm responsible for?

Some students who come to Tennessee Tech under an exchange agreement do not have to pay Tennessee Tech tuition, some students who come through ISEP do not have to pay tuition, housing or meals due to the program agreement, and some students come as visiting students who pay in-state discounted tuition, housing and meals.  Everyone has a different situation, and we will get your account sorted accordingly.  Keep in mind that we cannot pay the tuition waivers until exchange students are completely finished with the registration process.  Therefore it is very important that you finish registering for your classes as quickly as possible so that we can balance your account before the deadlines.

Fees must be paid in full, or other payment arrangements approved, by the deadline to avoid schedule cancellations/deletions.  Here are the options for making payments: 


For Visiting Students, the tuition and fees are calculated for In-State. If you would like to see a summary of what to expect regarding tuition and fees, here is a guide:


If you have any questions about payment options, tuition or fees, please contact us at 

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