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How do students get around?

Upon Arrival:

The nearest airport is the Nashville International Airport (BNA) and it is over one hour away driving from Cookeville.  There is a shuttle service that you can arrange to pick you up when you arrive at the airport no matter when your flight arrives and take you to your assigned housing directly:

Upper Cumberland Shuttle Service 
$150 one way  cash or credit card

You can also use Uber (between $115-$150) or a Taxi (approx. $151).  We do NOT recommend taking a Greyhound bus when you first arrive because you would have to take a taxi to get from the airport to the downtown bus station which is a dangerous area of Nashville.  Then upon arrival in Cookeville, you would have to take another taxi to get from the bus station to the dorm.  The least expensive option would be the UCHRA shuttle (listed below), but they only run Monday-Friday, 3 times per day.

After Arrival:

There are several ways to get around Cookeville

1. UCHRA SHUTTLE: The bus is FREE to Tennessee Tech students by using your Eagle card. It is easy to use and goes to most of the major places in Cookeville where students would want to go shopping, eat or hang out.  In addition, the UCHRA has a service that is called Connect Upper Cumberland that goes to Nashville during the weekdays that costs only $9.50 one way. Many students also take the shuttle to Nashville then connect and take the Megabus and go to many other U.S. cities very inexpensively.  Cookeville is also only about 4 hours driving to Atlanta.

2. Taxi: The taxis in Cookeville are very inexpensive.  To go anywhere inside the city limits the cost is normally around $5. 

3. Greyhound bus: We also have a Greyhound bus that comes here.  Here is information about the Greyhound bus. 

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