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The Office of the University Counsel supports the mission of Tennessee Tech University by providing accurate, fast, and workable legal advice to the institution.

The Office of the University Counsel will always work diligently to foster a robust marketplace of ideas and to support Tennessee Tech University in its endeavors to create, advance, and apply knowledge to expand opportunity and economic competitiveness.

Scope of Legal Representation

The Office of the University Counsel provides legal advice and assistance to the Board of Trustees and Tennessee Tech administrators and employees acting in the scope of their official duties. While the University Counsel advises on legal risks associated with actions or proposed courses of action, Tennessee Tech administrators determine what level of legal risk is acceptable in the circumstances.

The University Counsel is employed for the sole and exclusive representation of Tennessee Tech and cannot provide legal advice on personal matters or on matters that are adverse to Tennessee Tech's operations or interests.


The Office of the University Counsel’s website is for informational purposes only. Its content is not legal advice and should not be relied on as such. Because the laws, regulations, policies, and legal authorities referenced on the site are subject to change, the site may not always reflect the current state of the law.

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