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Minors on Campus

Tennessee Tech University strives to provide a safe environment for our entire campus community. The university offers a variety of programs that are designed for minors on our campus. This provides our university with the opportunity to both share the experiences of a camp or program with minors and also introduce them to Tennessee Tech.

Tennessee Tech University relies on every department to ensure compliance requirements are met when hosting events involving minors. Whether you are a coach, counselor, volunteer, or external agency hosting minors on campus, everyone has responsibility to protect minors who interact with the Tennessee Tech community.

If you have questions regarding events involving minors please contact Deb Combs at   All documents are available in PolicyTech/Policy 120 Minors on Campus which can be accessed via the Policy Central webpage.


Public Safety at Tennessee Tech

University Police:  (931) 372-3234



Introduction to Program Letter

Request for Exemption from Certain Requirements

Arrest and Conviction Self-Disclosure Form

Participant Information and Releases Form

Non-TN Tech Attestation of Compliance

Compliance Checklist


Required Training for Authorized Adults

Additional Information

Authorized Adult Rules

Participant Rules

Overnight Participant Rules

Language for P-12/Parents


Signs of Abuse

Remember: Tennessee law mandates that if anyone suspects child abuse or neglect, they must report their suspicions immediately to the proper authorities.


Abuse is the physical, sexual, or emotional harm or risk of harm to a child under the age of 18 caused by a parent or other person who acts as a caregiver to the child.


Neglect occurs when a parent or caregiver fails to provide proper supervision to a child or adequate food, clothing, shelter, education, or medical care although financially able or assisted to do so.

Anyone who makes a report in good faith receives legal protection from retaliation. So pick up the phone. It's your legal duty, and it's the right thing to do.

If you have questions, please reach out to 

Children's Services Child Abuse Referral and Hotline

TN Dept of Children's Services

Child Abuse Hotline: (877) 273-0004


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