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University Service Center

Tennessee Tech University
Service Learning and Community Engagement


Our Vision

Tennessee Tech University has a rich tradition of service and an opportunity to instill in our students an ethic of caring and a sense of responsibility for making our world better.  We want to move beyond service and transform our university and our community through sustainable partnerships. 



Expected Outcomes

To provide students with the opportunity to realize academic learning objectives through participation in community service, allowing them to connect theory with experience and thought with action.  This will help students to feel connected to the university as well as to the community at large.  It will help them to connect their college experience to civic engagement as well as will help students in seeing the relevance of the academic subject to the "real" world.   
To build capacity in the community through reciprocal and sustainable partnerships, allowing student to fill unmet needs in the community and on campus through direct and meaningful service, empowering community members to become co-facilitators of learning. This will help community partners feel more connected to the university as well as provide them with volunteers to bring fresh ideas and a fresh energy to their agencies while helping students in seeing the relevance of  the academic subject to the "real" world.  It will help develop an environment of collegial participation among students, faculty and community. 
To expose students to social inequality and injustice while empowering them to make a difference,  increasing civic and citizenship skills in students while also increasing their sense of duty. This will better prepare students for their careers and continuing education as well as will give students a greater responsibility for their own learning. 

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