High School Programs

If you are currently in high school and would like to pursue college credit at Tennessee Tech before graduation, you may be interested in one of the following high school pre-freshman programs: dual enrollmentjoint enrollment, or early admissions.


Dual Enrollment students receive both high school credit and college credit for the course in which they are enrolled. Tennessee Tech has formal dual enrollment agreements with several Tennessee high schools - public, private and homeschool students.  For more information about our Dual Enrollment program, click the button below!


Joint Enrollment students receive college credit for the courses they take on campus at Tennessee Tech while they are still enrolled in high school. The courses may or may not count for high school credit and depends on the high school's decision to do so. Joint enrollment students are required to have a minimum of a 3.0 high school GPA and have two (2) letters of recommendation submitted on their behalf (at least one by their high school counselor and/or a close associate who has known them and can attest to their academic readiness for college level credit) to be considered for admission. If you would like to apply as a joint enrollment student, simply complete an online application found at the following link and select "Joint Enrollment" as your student type.

Apply as a Joint Enrollment Student

Early Admission students have completed their junior year of high school and want the opportunity to enroll full-time at Tennessee Tech. These students have typically completed all high school requirements and wish to enter college early. Early Admission students are required to have a minimum of a 3.2 high school GPA and a 27 composite ACT score. Complete the Early Admission application by clicking on the link below and selecting "Early Admission" as your student type.

Apply as an Early Admission Student

For more information on high school programs, or questions regarding entrance requirements, contact the Office of Admissions at (931) 372-3888 or