In order to receive instate tuition and/or benefits, students must verify US Citizenship or legal presence in the US. This is due to a TN law (TCA 4-58-101 et seq.) passed in 2012.

This status must be verified before the start of every semester. Verifying US citizenship can be done by filling out the FAFSA or submitting one of the legal EVEA documents.


In-State Residency

Students are considered in-state if they have lived in the state of Tennessee for at least a year for non-academic purposes. 


Domestic Out-of-State Residency

Attend the #1 ranked public university in Tennessee* known for low student debt and high starting career salaries. Tech out-of-state rates are competitive with in-state tuition rates across the country. Students are considered domestic out-of-state if they live outside the state of Tennessee and do not live within one of the designated Kentucky border counties. Tech graduates consistently enter workforce with the least debt of all public Tennessee universities. Make this advantage your advantage: check out Tennessee Tech's affordable out-of-state tuition.

*Money Magazine (2018)


Border Counties

Students who live in Clinton, Cumberland, McCreary, Monroe, Wayne or Whitley counties in Kentucky are eligible for in-state tuition.


Applying for In-State Residency or Exceptions

Full In-State Classification

Tennessee Tech policy states that a person cannot qualify for in-state fees if he or she came to Tennessee for the primary purpose of attending college. For example, if you moved to Tennessee and immediately enrolled at Tech as a full-time student, you are presumed to have moved to Tennessee for the primary purpose of attending college and you will not be eligible for in-state fees. The presumption is a student cannot acquire domicile in this state while enrolled as a full-time student.

If you have been given a status of “Classification in Progress” or “Out-of-State” and wish to apply for full in-state residency, you may do so by requesting a Residency Form from the Office of Admissions, 931-372-3888 or Photocopies of documents supporting your case should be supplied with your application including, but not limited to: deed of trust of primary domicile, long-term lease of primary domicile, evidence of longevity in the state, evidence of full-time employment in Tennessee or transfer to Tennessee, military discharge papers, driver’s license, etc.

For a PDF of Frequently Asked Questions on the In-State Residency application process, click here.


Full-Time/Part-Time Agreements

Persons that are able to provide proof that they are currently working 30+ hours per week in Tennessee may apply to take a part-time load at the in-state rate. These students may take up to 11 hours in the fall and spring semesters and up to 7 hours in the summer semester. Simply provide proof of employment in Tennessee as part of your admissions materials to be considered for in-state tuition. All decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.


Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market is an interstate agreement between southern states for sharing academic programs not readily available in the home state. Participating states allow residents who qualify for admission to enroll in specific programs in other states to pay at the in-state rate in the state where the program is offered. Students who are participating in another program which covers out-of-state tuition are not eligible.

To be considered, you must:

  • apply and be accepted for admission into a program which your home state has obtained access for its residents through the Academic Common Market, AND
  • obtain certification of residency from the Common Market Coordinator in your home state. 

More information on the Academic Common Market can be found here.


Permanently Disabled or 60+ Students

If you are permanently or totally disabled or are over 60 years of age and domiciled in Tennessee, you may qualify for a fee reduction or fee waiver program. For more information about these programs, contact the Office of the Bursar.


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