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The Department of Economics, Finance, and Marketing in the TN Tech College of Business prioritizes providing students with an innovative learning experience that teaches them the necessary analytical and critical thinking skills to succeed in today’s competitive environment.  
During the first two years of our programs, EFM students take several core classes that collectively build a strong and thorough business foundation. Our B.S. in International Business and Cultures offers students a combination of business and foreign languages courses. This major is tailored to student who are interested in having a career in business at a multinational firm in the US or a career in business abroad. Each business discipline offers a course on international issues that students can take. We offer classes on International Trade, Multinational Finance, International Marketing, and International Management.


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The College of Business is accredited by the AACSB.



College of Business Leadership Retreat ›

The TN Tech College of Business is dedicated to helping students grow both inside and outside of the classroom! Our COB Leadership Retreat allows students to develop and foster leadership skills alongside their peers in a fun, new learning environment! A new retreat theme is picked every year. Past themes include Lead Like a Pirate and Camp COB: The Search For Bigfoot. The 2024 COB Leadership theme is Leadership on Tour. Students always sincerely enjoy this unconventional learning experience away from campus, and they are thankful for the confidence and skills they gain! If you are interested in attending our next retreat, please visit the Professional Readiness and Leadership page for more information!

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Bloomberg Market Certification ›

BMC is a globally recognized course available for free to TN Tech students. Successful completion of the BMC signals to prospective employers that you have attained a high level of competency in using the Bloomberg Professional Service and optimized your individual job performance. The BMC course consists of 4 modules: Economics, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities. YOU CAN COMPLETE THE BMC AT NO COST at the Tennessee Tech Bloomberg Room 155 in Foundation Hall. Please contact Dr. Alma Nunez for further information.


Study Abroad ›

The College of Business at TN Tech is proud to offer study abroad programs to its students. We aim to personally customize your trip to best fit your academic and financial needs, location and cultural interests, and desired abroad experiences. Specific to the COB, we have two main study abroad opportunities: 

London Bridge


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Internships ›

Internships play a massive role in departments across the entire College of Business. Featured to the left is Addison Dorris, who recently interned with Dollar General. Below is the testimonial she provided about her internship experience.

“During my internship, I developed my skillsets in project management, collaboration, human resources, and professional writing and design. Throughout the summer, I was able to take the lessons I learned in the classroom and apply them real-world situations. After this experience, I better understand how HR operates at a major corporation. This internship experience helped me realize that a career in Human Resources is the direction I want to take for my future!”

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