About the College of Business


The College of Business

  • Provides an educational foundation that enables its students to become successful, ethical organization and community leaders.
  • Engages in research that makes meaningful contributions to the understanding and practice of business and to business education.
  • Serves the region, state, community, university, and business disciplines through outreach activities.

We believe teaching, research, and service are interdependent and synergistic, and that the spirit of discovery and pursuit of knowledge underlie our educational focus and guide our service activities.


The College of Business will be a recognized leader in technology-focused business education and the destination of choice for those seeking rich and diverse learning experiences that inspire innovation, leadership, and value creation.


The College of Business reserves its highest level of dedication to its academic programs, exemplified by a focus on excellence in instruction and supported by commitments to scholarly activity, intellectual contribution, and professional and community service by the faculty and to student-centered developmental and co-curricular programs by the professional staff.

The College of Business is distinguished by:

  • A high-touch, personal learning environment fostered by a caring faculty and dedicated professional staff
  • A commitment to experiential learning that produces practical knowledge and professional development in students
  • An entrepreneurial spirit that fosters innovation in both students and faculty and that is evidenced in the academic program and student mindset as well as in scholarly endeavors and service activities
  • A strong collegial environment characterized by robust collaboration and high levels of engagement among faculty, staff, and students
  • A technology-driven, interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that produces team-oriented, competitive, ready-to-work graduates
  • An organizational culture that encourages ethical and responsible behavior in all stakeholders while embracing the diversity of individuals and ideas

Strategic Plan

Focus Areas

To fulfill our mission and to achieve our vision in consonance with the Tennessee Tech Flight Path, we will focus our efforts on:

  • Academic and Educational Excellence
  • Faculty scholarship and contributions to practice
  • Community and Engagement and Outreach
  • Student Success

Strategic Goals

To excel in these focus areas, we will:

  • Broaden and enhance degree programs and curricula
  • Ensure instructional effectiveness and quality
  • Attain a more diverse community of students, stakeholders, and outreach partners
  • Broaden and enhance faculty development
  • Raise the profile of research and practical contributions
  • Improve alignment of scholarly activities and practical contributions with the COB mission
  • Broaden and leverage stakeholder involvement
  • Enhance recognition and reputation of the COB
  • Increase the COB endowment
  • Develop, graduate, and place competent, ethical student leaders

Annual Reports

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The College of Business offers a number of majors and concentrations at the undergraduate level and has both a campus and 100% distance-based MBA degree that can be completed online. Our faculty has a strong teaching methodology as well as a focus on research that contributes to the richness of student learning.

The business programs provide a well-rounded education in business administration and emphasize skill development in communication, technology, and teamwork.

Tennessee Tech's business curriculum prepares students for job placement, growth into managerial positions, and graduate study. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in internships and participate in extra-curricular academic opportunities which foster growth in both knowledge and experience.

In addition to the traditional educational focus, the college engages the community and businesses to create and share impactful innovations. Faculty, staff, and students share their expertise and skills to work with both individuals and organizations through various outreach efforts.

The College is home to two Chairs of Excellence – The J.E. Owen Chair in the information systems area and the W.E Mayberry Chair in the quality and productivity area


AACSB SealTennessee Tech's business programs are accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). To achieve this prestigious accreditation, the College of Business successfully demonstrated a wide range of quality standards relating to curriculum, faculty resources, admissions, degree requirements, facilities, financial resources, and intellectual climate.

The college's undergraduate, MBA, and accounting programs are each accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). While other accreditations exist, AACSB is the highest credential available to business schools. Among approximately 2,500 business programs world-wide today, only about 30% are AACSB accredited, and less than 10% have all three degree programs accredited.


Our faculty are sensitive to the educational needs of our students and strive for excellence in teaching both hard and soft skills and content. The College provides many experiential learning and professional development opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

We seek to educate business leaders and potential leaders who are capable of making lasting contributions to business and society and who are also skilled in using an interdisciplinary approach to decision making in an increasingly global and technology-dependent business environment.

Intellectual Contributions

Our faculty engage primarily in applied research and scholarly activities that provide insights into business practice. We believe such scholarly activity should be a career-long endeavor of faculty engaged in educating current and future business leaders and that such activity enhances the effectiveness of classroom instruction and external interaction.


Our faculty share their expertise to benefit external constituencies and create opportunities for students to apply their skills and knowledge. We believe these activities and involvement with business and government leaders significantly increase the abilities of faculty to deliver current information in the classroom and that they build important bridges between the academic community and our external constituencies.

We encourage professional and service endeavors that strengthen relationships with the broader academic community--collaborative activities within this University, interaction with other universities, and involvement in professional organizations.

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