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Study Abroad


  • FH Aachen

    Overcoming international borders, language boundaries and cultural differences, that is what the International Business 4-Year Program is all about. Its international approach is what makes the course so different. Students complete years 1 and 2 and 4 at Tennessee Tech and their 3rd year in Aachen, Germany. A prestigious dual degree, i.e. a degree from Tennessee Tech University and also from the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen rounds off the program so that degree holders are optimally prepared for jobs in internationally operating companies.

    Aachen University of Applied Sciences offers many Business courses taught in English and provides excellent support services.  Students are required to take 15 credit hours per semester while in Germany in addition to any German language courses.  Also, students are required to write a thesis approved by assigned faculty supervisors from both universities.

    Check out this website for more information: Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

    For more information on the fees, classes, etc., take a look at the current agreement. You can also reach out and contact

  • Student Managed Investment Funds

    Thanks to the generous support of both corporate and individual donors, our students have the opportunity to gain investment experience in managing our three student-run investment funds. The students make real stock purchase and sell decisions, and the research experience our students receive goes well beyond the classroom lecture approach in teaching about risk management and investments. 

    TVA Investment Challenge

    TVA LogoThe TVA Investment Challenge provides hands-on applications of advanced portfolio concepts through the management of a real investment portfolio. Students implement trading strategies, place trades, provide performance reports, and are held to similar standards as professional money managers while acting as fund managers for the Tennessee Valley Authority.

    The primary objective of Investment Challenge is for students to manage an investment portfolio to maximize long-run capital growth subject to relevant risk factors and investment restrictions. Students will perform each of the following tasks:

    1. Research and evaluate prospective stock investments using ratios, financial statements, and relevant information about the firms and financial sectors.
    2. Integrate firm, sector and macroeconomic data to assess the investment environment. Specifically, students will improve and utilize individual knowledge of fundamental firm analysis to select firms with long-term growth potential.
    3. Effectively communicate the investment process and portfolio performance in a variety of formats.

    For more information about the TVA Investment Challenge at TN Tech and to inquire about enrollment in the investment challenge class please email our finance faculty at

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  • International Travel Study

    Similar to the study abroad, our international experience class allows our students to learn about business in other countries. A qualified professor (or professors) teaches a course on business in a specific country. At the end of the course, the class visits the country to learn more firsthand. There is additional cost to take these classes. In the past, students have visited London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Brazil.

  • Forensics Course

    Computer Forensics and Investigations (DS4125) introduces students to the exciting world of digital forensics. Students learn about the tools, techniques, and environment associated with the field. Students develop skills and expertise working in a state-of-the-art forensic lab solving case problems using actual forensic methodologies. These cases often include the use of steganography, cryptography, password cracking, recovery of hidden data or deleted data, and analysis of digital artifacts. The class is designed to appeal to both the technical and non-technical student. A basic understanding of computer software is all that is required (DS2810 or equivalent). This course is relevant to all areas of business, criminal justice, human resource management, computer science, and many others.

  • UBUS 1020

    Each new student is required to take a “First Year Connections.” The course is designed to help our students build academic, social, and professional connections they need for a successful college career. In this one-credit hour course, students will be introduced to an assortment of University services, academic skills, and friendships that will make their adjustment to the vibrant life of our campus much easier. In the College of Business, the classes are taught by faculty, staff, and/or alumni who have been a part of the Tennessee Tech family for many years. In addition, an upper level student is assigned to each course as a mentor.  Special sections are offered for students interested in Global Issues, Accounting, and Business & Information Technology. 

  • Collegiate Advisory Board in Banking

    American Bank & Trust Logo

    The College of Business is committed to providing professional opportunities outside the classroom where students can experience various aspects of the business world to strengthen their business skills and enhance their individual career readiness.

    Working with our banking partner, American Bank & Trust of the Cumberlands, business students will observe and experience the inner workings of the banking industry from the executive viewpoint and observe how banks serve and support their communities. 


    • Open to all business majors
    • Must be junior or senior at the time of application
    • Must plan to be an enrolled student during the Spring 2020 semester
    • Must be in Good Standing academically (not currently on Academic Warning or Academic Probation)
    • Must never have been convicted of a felony

    Contact Dr. Alma Hales ( for further information.

  • Bloomberg Market Concepts Certification

    BMC is recognized world wide, and will signal to prospective employers that you have attained a high level of competency in using the Bloomberg Professional Service as well as optimize job performance. The BMC course consists of 4 modules: Economics, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities. YOU CAN COMPLETE THE BMC AT NO COST at the Tennessee Tech Bloomberg Room 211 in Johnson Hall. Below are some helpful downloadable resources:

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