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College of Business Board of Trustees Development Office 

About the College of Business Advisory Board

The College of Business Advisory Board is a great asset to the College and has helped many students. Since 1975, we have provided more than almost two million dollars in annual and endowed scholarships to business students. We have helped over 1,500 College of Business students to fulfill their dreams of graduation. 

Investing In Our Future 

The College of Business at Tennessee Tech has a proud history of providing top quality graduates to business, industry, governmental, and other organizations in the state of Tennessee. The future of the College is dependent upon private donations from alumni and friends. We depend on state funding and tuition/fees to provide the basics, but true excellence comes from the commitment of those who have gone before to provide the tools necessary to offer a first-class education in the 21st century. There are many ways to invest in the future: student scholarships help many students who otherwise would be unable to attend Tech; there are several endowments that were designed to promote excellence through support of student travel and other activities; some endowments have been established to support faculty excellence; the College of Business and Accounting Excellence Funds provide funding for a variety of student and faculty activities; and the "Keeping the Promise" initiative is in place to provide 21st Century learning environments for our students. There are many ways to give, and 100% of donations at any level go directly to the program that you would like to support.

If you are interested in helping with any of these initiatives, please contact Cheryl Montgomery at 931.372.3649.


"Building on the Foundation" by making gifts makes everything we do possible. Your generous contributions will be used to build the college of business and to help our students receive the highest quality education there is to offer. Explore how your gifts will help or make a gift right now.

Why Give?
Private gifts are an important reason that the College of Business is the outstanding college that it is today. Gifts from alumni, friends, faculty and staff, students, and private companies/foundations have enabled the college to outfit 21st Century classrooms, establish chairs of excellence and distinguished professorships, and award donor-funded scholarships. These additional enhancements and opportunities make the College of Business more attractive, since none of this would have been possible without your generous support.

What kinds of gifts can I make?
You may commit to future gifts with a pledge or by establishing a planned/deferred gift. Contact the Office of University Development for paper forms. As with current gifts, future gifts may be either restricted or unrestricted.

You may memorialize or honor a person or persons of your choice simply by making an annotation on your check or attaching a request. Memorial or honorary endowments may be established within the guidelines outlined below under endowments.

Matching gifts supported by hundreds of corporations/foundations provide an outstanding opportunity to greatly increase individual gifts.

An endowment may be established for a minimum gift of $25,000 or a pledge that may be paid over a maximum of five years. Both a signed pledge and a letter of agreement are required.

For many donors, funding scholarships is a popular choice. Donor-funded scholarships fall into two general categories: annually funded and endowment funded.

You may establish annual scholarships on a one time or multi year basis. Annual scholarships may range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars; however, a minimum of $500/year is required to name a scholarship. The donor may attach university-approved criteria to the awarding of the scholarship. Criteria may be related to academic performance, major, financial need, etc. Unrestricted scholarship gifts to any of these entities provide maximum flexibility for using the scholarship according to the greatest need such as financial aid, recruiting or retention.

Endowed scholarships may be established with a minimum gift of $25,000, payable over a period not to exceed five years. Through a letter of agreement, a donor spell out the guidelines and criteria for scholarship recipients will be prepared. An endowment is established in perpetuity such that the principal is never used. Individual endowments are managed and invested as part of a larger pool of endowed funds. Scholarships are funded from investment earnings after the minimum endowment of $25,000 is established. Earnings distribution is based on the total value of the endowment at the end of the third quarter. Unused earnings are returned to the principal so that it continues to grow.

Numerous endowed scholarships have been established by individuals, groups of individuals, corporations, faculty or via a bequest or trust. These scholarships honor or memorialize loved ones, remember a favorite faculty member, department, program, school or college or may be totally unrestricted. Individuals other than the original donors may also contribute to established endowments.



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