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Student Success Center

Melissa Creek

Julie Galloway

Olivia Jolley

Debbie Pickett


Ann Boyd Davis

Sid Bundy

Robert Fesler

Steve Garner

Cindy Gates

Beth Howard

Richard Rand

Robert Seay

Leigh Waggoner

Robert Wilbanks


Sydney Bever

Julie Brewer

Daphni Engle

Paul Harrison

Waverly Hart

Kevin Liska

Mack Lunn

Alexis MacAllister

Amanda Powell

Joseph Powell

Stephanie Scarborough

Dean's Office

Thomas Payne - Dean

Lelia Gibson

Regina Gragg

Ramachandran Natarajan

Cheryl Montgomery

Rene Watson

Decision Sciences & Management

Curtis Armstrong

Tracy Black

Grant Clary

Nestor Guimaraes

Ryan Matthews

Ryan Nation

Debbie Pennebaker

Jim Jenkins

Jeremy Schoen

Larry Smith

Terri Stidham

Thomas Timmerman

Allison Toth

Kyle Turner

Stuart Wells

Susan Wells

Jaime Williams

Seth Williams

Economics, Finance, & Marketing

Sean Alley

Meral Anitsal

Ferdinand DiFurio

Alma Hales

Steven Isbell

Joohun Lee

Rachel Mannahan

Yolunda Nabors

Hyewon Park

Mary Pashley

Wesley Pech

Yi Peng

Kenneth Wiant

Graduate Programs

Julie Pharr

Chris Kohl

Owen Chair of Excellence

Nestor Guimaraes

Professional Readiness and Leadership

Sherrie Cannon

Faculty & Experts

College of Business faculty members are available to provide expert commentary and analysis on a broad range of topics. If you need assistance finding an expert, contact the Dean's office at 931-372-3372 or send an email utilizing the button below.


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