Now accepting applications for COHORT 3 of the INDUSTRY-FOCUSED MBA program for HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS. 


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Tennessee Tech's Hybrid, Industry-Immersed MBA was designed specifically with working professionals in mind. It offers an option for industry leaders to pursue their Master of Business Administration, without leaving their current position.

The program, which will combine online course content with monthly weekend meetings in Nashville, leverages the College of Business' strengths and expertise in online teaching and learning, and offers the added value of face-to-face networking with industry colleagues and faculty members.

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BEST VALUE: Students who enroll in the first class of students participating in the hybrid MBA program will enjoy a tuition break, and will pay the same tuition and fees as students participating in the traditional program.

We are currently enrolling HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS for Cohort 3 of the program. Additional information about the program can be found on the program website, in the brochure linked to the left, or by contacting the Office of MBA Studies at (931) 372-3600 or

Master of Business Administration

Welcome to the MBA Program at Tennessee Tech University!

The purpose of the MBA degree is to offer a professional program preparing graduate students from diverse backgrounds for rewarding careers in organizations. The core area of business studies is broad in scope for the purpose of developing general managerial competence through extensive use of various pedagogies such as case methods, simulations, and research projects. Electives are used to develop special competencies of interest to the student.

Forbes logoThe MBA Program is designed to allow students to pursue an on-campus program, a 100% online program or a combination of both. Our program has over a decade of online learning experience. Whether students take class on-ground or online, courses and professors are all the same and there is no difference between earning a degree online, or on campus.

AACSB logoFull-time and part-time programs are available for students to earn their degree at their own pace. Students can finish the 30-hour program in as little as one year. MBA students can receive a high-quality education at an affordable price at Tennessee Tech. lists our program a "Best Buy" and ranks us #15 on their list of 2013 Best Online Programs. ranks us in their list of Top 30 Online MBA Programs. The MBA program is fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). AACSB Accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. 


Best Buy Online Masters - geteducated.comThe MBA program at Tennessee Tech consists of ten, 3-hour courses for a total of 30 hours:

  • Seven 3-hour core courses (21 hours)
  • Three 3-hour electives (9 hours)

As many as 9 semester hours may be transferred in from other AACSB accredited schools. Credit will not be allowed for courses taken more than five years prior to application to Tennessee Tech.

Core Classes Include

Each core course in this group will be required of all MBA candidates.

  • ACCT 6010. Accounting Information for Management Decisions
    Analysis, interpretation, and use of accounting information by managers in directing the operations of organizations. This class does not apply to students in the Accounting concentrations- those students will take a fourth accounting elective.
  • FIN 6020. Financial Management
    Concepts and theories of corporate financial management with emphasis on value-based decision-making, including the financing decision, the investment decision, and relevant special topics.
  • ECON 6050. Analytical Decision Making

    Analytical decision making for business operations including statistics, quantitative methods, and other optimization and simulation models.
  • MKT 6100. Strategic Marketing

    Strategic marketing issues and opportunities that impact both the marketing process and marketing program. Decisions will also consider environmental variables as well as the internal elements of an organization.
  • BMGT 6200. Organizational Leadership

    An examination of behavioral concepts required for effective leadership within business organizations.
  • DS 6220. Management of Information Technology
    Concepts of current components of information technology and their management as it relates to the support of the strategic business plan.
  • BMGT 6950. Business Strategy
    Prerequisites: ACCT 6010, FIN 6020, ECON 6050, MKT 6100, BMGT 6200.
    An integrative capstone course dealing with the formulation and implementation of corporate strategy.

Concentrations Include:

Elective courses may be taken from any discipline in the College of Business that offers courses Gradaute Level. Three elective courses within a discipline will constitute a concentration within the MBA program.

  • ACCT/FIN5900 Financial Statement Analysis

    Analyze the information in financial statements as a sophisticated user in order to develop financial models, assess credit risk, and value a company. Topics include traditional ratio analysis, earnings management and accounting quality, bankruptcy prediction models, and equity valuation models.

  • FIN 6900 Fundamentals of Investments

    Advanced portfolio theory through actual management of a real investment portfolio.

  • BMGT 6820 Professional Issues in Human Resources Management

    This course will prepare students to function as competent human resource professionals and strategic business partners. Specific topics will include current issues in human resource management, interaction with organizational stakeholders, and human resource interventions.

  • BMGT 6800 Strategic Human Resource Staffing

    This course will focus on the recruitment, selection, and retention of human resources within organizations. Specific topics will include workforce planning, recruiting, selection, and organizational entry. The strategic importance of these topics will be addressed by considering the legal, social, organizational, and technological environments in which staffing decisions are made.

  • BMGT 6810 Strategic Human Resource Performance Management

    This course will focus on the development, protection, and compensation of human resources within organizations. Specific topics will include performance appraisal and feedback, compensation, benefits, training, and health and safety. The strategic importance of these topics will be addressed by considering the legal, social, organizational, and technological environments in which labor relations decisions are made.

  • FIN 6910 International Finance

    International markets and instruments, global financing strategies, global capital budgeting, global working capital management, international tax planning.

  • ECON 6920 International Economics

    A case study course emphasizing the global environment in which today's businesses function.

  • MKT 6930 International Marketing

    International markets, instruments, and global marketing strategies. This course will focus on the study of consumer behavior and buying cultures in all major regions of the world, and it relates this information to the creation of international marketing plans and strategies.

  • BMGT 6940 International Management

    Theory and practice of managing across borders. This course is about global management. It demonstrates how cultural factors influence behavior in the workplace and examines the skills needed to manage across national borders.

  • MBA 6980 International Experience

    Develops graduate students' understanding and knowledge of international business in a foreign nation. This course is based on the assumption that immersion in an alternative national setting is an extremely powerful method of learning. The aim of the course is to introduce a global business approach to students. Topics covered include cultural differences, international strategy, regional politics, the internal economic situation, marketing, international finance, quality in services, organizational development and change, international negotiations, and international operations. Note: Course not offered every year.

  • DS 6530 Decision Support Systems

    An introduction to expert systems, decision support systems, and executive information systems as they are employed in business organizations.

  • DS 6540 Business Telecommunications Systems

    Introduces students to the concepts of telecommunications, wide and local area networks, and other state-of-the-art communications technologies.

  • DS 6550 Data Resources Management

    Introduces students to the concepts, terminology, tools, and techniques comprising the general area of data resources management.


Engineering students represent the second largest student body in the M.B.A. Program. Check out the accompanying video to see how an M.B.A. can benefit engineers.

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