Master of Business Administration

Core Classes

All MBA candidates must complete each of the 8 core courses.

  • ECON 6000 - Managerial Economics

    The study of fundamental principles of microeconomics most relevant to managers.  Topics include managerial analysis, market equilibrium, pricing, market structures, incentive structures, and strategic interactions.

  • ACCT 6010 - Accounting Information for Management Decisions

    Analysis, interpretation, and use of accounting information by managers in directing the operations of organizations. (This course may not be used toward a Master's of Accountancy.)

  • FIN 6020 - Financial Management

    Concepts and theories of corporate financial management with emphasis on value-based decision-making, including the financing decision, the investment decision, and relevant special topics.

  • ECON 6050 - Analytical Decision Making

    Analytical decision making for business operations including statistics, quantitative methods, and other optimization and simulation models.

  • MKT 6100 - Strategic Marketing

    Strategic marketing issues and opportunities that impact both the marketing process and marketing program. Decisions will also consider environmental variables as well as the internal elements of an organization.

  • BMGT 6200 - Organizational Leadership

    An examination of behavioral concepts required for effective leadership within business organizations.

  • DS 6220 - Management of Information Technology

    Concepts of current components of information technology and their management as it relates to the support of the strategic business plan.

  • BMGT 6950 - Business Strategy

    Prerequisites: ACCT 6010, FIN 6020, ECON 6050, MKT 6100, BMGT 6200.
    An integrative capstone course dealing with the formulation and implementation of corporate strategy.

Elective Courses

Electives are offered in all areas of the business core:  Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Decision Sciences, and Management. Electives may also be satisfied by special offerings including  international travel courses or independent research.  Elective offerings vary by semester and include courses in advanced data analytics, services marketing, entrepreneurship, cyber management, financial statement analysis, network security, economics of health care, banking and financial services, and others.

Two (2) courses/six (6) semester hours* must be selected based on the student’s chosen curriculum, from the list of courses below.

* Students admitted prior to Fall 2022 will select three (3) courses/nine (9) semester hours of electives.


  • MBA Electives

    ACCT 5300 – Financial Stmt. Analysis

    ACCT 5600 – Forensic Acct & Fraud Auditing

    ACCT 5700 – Int’l. Experience in Accounting

    ACCT 5900 – Special Topics in Accounting

    ACCT 6220 – Audit & Attestation

    ACCT 6900 – Special Topics in Accounting

    BMGT 6900 – Special Topics in Management

    DS 5125 – Computer Forensics

    DS 5900 – Special Topics in Decision Sciences

    DS 6530 – Advanced Data Analytics

    DS 6540 – Network Security

    DS 6550 – Database Mgt.

    DS 6570 – Cyber Security Management

    DS 6900 – Special Topics in Decision Sciences

    ECON/AGBE 5120 – Natural Resources Economics

    ECON 5200 – Environmental Economics

    ECON 5310 – Labor Economics

    ECON/AGBE 5510 – Int’l Trade & Finance

    ECON 5520 – Comp. Econ. Systems

    ECON 5530 – Hist. of Economic Thought

    ECON 5600 – Econ. Growth & Development

    ECON 5640 – Econometrics

    ECON 5900 -- Contemp. Econ Workshop

    ECON 6900 – Special Topics in Economics

    ECON 6920 – International Economics

    EMGT 6210 – Project Management I

    FIN 6350 – Small/Micro-Cap Portfolio Mgt.

    FIN 6900 – Special Topics in Finance

    FIN 6910 – Multinational Finance

    FIN 6920 – Banking & Financial Services

    LAW 6450 – Organizational Ethics

    MBA 6830 – Business Research

    MBA 6840 – Field Research

    MBA 6980 – International Experience

    MKT 6500 – Advanced Marketing Analysis

    MKT 6510 – Services Marketing

    MKT 6630 – Entrepr. & Small Bus. Mgt.

    MKT 6900 -- Special Topics in Marketing

    MKT 6930 – International Marketing

Course descriptions are available via the Graduate Catalog.

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