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A Marketing major focuses on understanding consumer behavior and developing strategies to promote products and services effectively. Students learn about market research, advertising, digital marketing, and brand management. Graduates are equipped to create and implement marketing plans that drive customer engagement and business growth.


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The College of Business is proud to offer study abroad programs to current students. We aim to personally customize your trip to best fit your academic and financial needs, location and cultural interests, and desired abroad experiences. We have two main study abroad opportunities specific to the College of Business:

London Bridge


Lauren Montgomery at Elliot Davis

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Internships play a massive role in departments across the entire College of Business. Featured to the left is PJ Barnes, who recently interned with the Tennessee Small Business Development Center. Below is the testimonial he provided about his internship experience.

“I gained so many personal and business skills over the last year. I have been able to look at the ins and outs of businesses, which has helped me start my own business. I have also developed some more tangible skills like marketing, SEO, website design, photography, and videography. My communication skills have also vastly improved over the last year. Without this internship, I wouldn’t know what a professional, or even business casual workplace would be like. It changed the way I am preparing for after I graduate."




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