Alumni - Accounting Advisory Board

The Accounting Advisory Board was constituted in its current form in 2015.  At a meeting of alumni in January 2015, it was decided to establish a Board consisting of 12 members, serving staggered terms, who would work with the Department to help guide future decisions, advise on curricular issues, build stronger relationships with alumni and other stakeholders, and promote the general welfare of the Accounting Department and the Accounting profession.

The Board, for the first few years, served primarily in advisory capacity.  In 2021, the Board decided that it could provide more assistance to the Department by becoming more active.  The Board voted to increase its size to 15 members, and embarked on a plan to create small task forces to work on specific issues; such as Alumni Relations, Curriculum, Faculty Relations, and Strategic Planning.

Representation on the Board is representative of the various regions of the state, and is demographically represented by a diverse cross-section of alumni and stockholders.  The Board meets four times each year.

Board Members

Courtney Tucker, 2014

Manager, Ernst & Young, Nashville

Travis Lowe, 2006

Audit Officer, Pugh CPAs, Knoxville

Richard Hill

CPA, Mitchell Emert & Hill, Knoxville

Kara Fitzgerald

President/CEO, TSCPA, Brentwood

Melody Peace, 1991

Senior Manager, Regulatory Assurance and Compliance, TVA, Chattanooga

Tommye Wells

CFO, CRMC, Cookeville

Gina Pruitt, 1985

Partner, Kraft CPAs, Nashville

Chase Tramel

CISA, TN Comptroller, Nashville

Kurt Zollner, 2011

Senior Manager, LBMC, Nashville

Jennifer Phipps

Phipps, CPA, Cookeville

Connie Glover, 1989

Vice President, HCA, Nashville

Sean Owens, 2000

CPA, Member, Assurance Services, Kraft CPAs, Nashville

Kyle Butler

Partner, Mauldin & Jenkins, Chattanooga



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