Student Organizations

Child and Family Sciences Organization

The CFS student organization focuses on children and families and the education and development of professionals who will be working with children and families. The content provided in meetings is focused on both students in the Family and Consumer Science Education concentration and Child Development and Family Relations concentration.

Officers 2018-2019
President: Hailey Craig 
Vice President: Mary Lee 
Secretary: Charity Arissa Phillips
Treasurer: Olivia Looper  
Marketing: Kristen Rowland 

Faculty Advisors
Dr. Lee Ann Shipley
Dr. Melinda Swafford
Dr. Rufaro Chitiyo

Meetings 2018-2019

Our meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of every month at dead hour in Room 114 in Oakley Hall. The main focus of our meetings is to learn about programs that support individuals and families in the Upper Cumberland and throughout Middle Tennessee. We also learn about possible internship opportunities for those students in the CDFR concentration.


We support these agencies and programs by volunteering or giving. For example, we have held a diaper drive for Cookeville Pregnancy Center, and made gift bags of developmentally appropriate art supplies for the Monterey Head Start Program.

Field Trips

Each year we take field trips to see child and family advocacy in action. In the past, we have visited Haley Farm which is part of the Children’s Defense Fund in Clinton, TN. We also visited Mercy Multiplied Ministries outside of Nashville, Thistle Farms in Nashville, and a Montessori child care program in Knoxville, TN.

Child Life Association

 The Child Life Association's mission is to provide child life professionals with networking opportunities for child life students and faculty in the school of Human Ecology; to educate others about the field of child life, both on campus and in the community; to seek professional development and educational opportunities from professional child life specialists; and to focus on activities that positively impact children and families in healthcare.

Officers 2018-2019
President: Karly Higgins 
Vice President: Jordyn Blackwood
Secretary: Emily Reynolds 
Treasurer: Megan Shaw  
Social Media: Miranda Villicana 
Fundraising/Service: Cole Matthews 
Faculty Advisor: Cara Sisk, Ph.D., CCLS

Meeting Dates for 2018-2019
Child Life Association will meet the 3rd Thursday of the month from 11 am - 12 pm

For more information, please visit the following links:
CLA Facebook page


Food, Nutrition and Dietetics Club

The purpose of the FND Club is to promote an interest in and appreciation of the various food, nutrition, and dietetic professions; to provide an opportunity for a closer relationship between students and faculty in the School of Human Ecology; and to foster establishment of contacts with persons already engaged in related professional careers. Each year, club members are involved in outreach and service projects both on and off campus, including projects with the Student Tennessee Association of Nutrition and Dietetics organization.

Officers 2018-2019
President: Kristine Tuttle 
Vice President: Lauren Gleaves
Secretary/Treasurer: Soyoung Choi 
Social Medial Chair: Julia Vesely 
Community Service Chair: Alyssa Lewin 
Fundraiser Chair: Olivia Clements 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Samantha Hutson and Dr. Sungpo Yi

Meetings 2018-2019

The meeting times for the FND club are each 4th Tuesday of the month from 11 am - 12 pm in Oakley Hall, Room 114.

For more information, please visit our Facebook page:
FND Facebook page

FND Instagram

Housing and Design Association

The Housing & Design Association is a bridge linking members with professionals through activities such as field trips, seminars, and meetings. The members of this association work alongside Putnam County Habitat for Humanity. Membership is open.

2018-2019 Officers
President and Vice President: Hadley Taylor
Secretary: Allison Hedgecoth 
Treasurer: Natajha Johnson 
Social Media: Torie Walker 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Melinda Anderson


The Housing & Design Association meets the 2nd Thursday at 11 am.

Kappa Omicron Nu

Kappa Omicron Nu is the leading honor society for students in the human sciences. It was established on February 21, 1990 by the consolidation of Kappa Omicron Phi and Omicron Nu. Kappa Omicron Nu chapters are located in colleges and universities that offer a strong human sciences program.

Chapter members are undergraduate and graduate students who major in one of the specializations and meet the high standards of scholarship. The professional category of membership includes alumni of college chapters and faculty and others not previously initiated into Kappa Omicron Nu or its predecessor societies. Candidates must have earned one or more degrees in the human sciences or are working in the field and have the minimum class rank as a student.

Our Mission

The mission of Kappa Omicron Nu is empowered leaders who use an integrative approach to enhance quality of living through excellence in scholarship, leadership, and research. Kappa Omicron Nu values recognition, reward, advancement, and strong affiliation networks. These ends enhance the ability of the organization and chapters to prepare scholars and researchers as leaders for the 21st century.

An informative video is available for more information (Adobe Flash Player is required). The video and content above are used by permission of Lisa Wootton Booth, COO, Kappa Omicron Nu.

2018-2019 Officers
President: Hannah Minnear
Co-Vice President: Chilsea Bindosano
Co-Vice President: Lauren Gleaves
Secretary: Amanda Thornton
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Melinda Anderson

Merchandising Association

 The Merchandising Association’s goal is to cultivate students’ experiences of Merchandising and Design through traveling, networking, and events production. Our association also provides leadership opportunities to members by participating in service projects and promotion activities related to the fashion and design field. We hope to encourage diversity, leadership and creativity for members to grow as innovative students and professionals.

Officers 2018-2019
President: Victoria Stafford 
Vice President: Autumn Kirby
Secretary: Hannah Petty 
Treasurer: Jessi Narramore 
Fashion Show Coordinator: Shivangi Patel 
Public Relations : Summer Maxwell

Meetings 2018-2019

The Merchandising Association meets every second Tuesday of the month from 11 am - 12 pm in Oakley Hall, Room 122.



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