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Faculty-led Domestic Student Trips

(Updated as of October 9, 2023)

This policy applies to all faculty-led domestic student trips where the designated organizing faculty member is on the Arts & Sciences faculty. This policy uses the definition adopted by Tennessee Technological University Policy No. 215 that a faculty-led domestic trip is any academic or student organization trip where a faculty organizes the trip and accompanies the students, and does not leave the land or sea borders of the United States of America.

In addition, this policy pertains not to day-trips but to trips where at least one night’s accommodation has been made. This policy does not apply to every conference or outing, but only to those meeting the aforementioned conditions.

CAS guidelines for faculty-led domestic trips:

1. The Faculty Leader must file an itinerary designating an alternate leader or leaders (see #7). The itinerary must include travel dates, accommodation details, transportation arrangements, and emergency contact information for all travelers with the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS).

2. The Faculty Leader(s) must provide students with emergency contact information prior to departure. Emergency contact information should include information for University Police, the CAS Dean’s office, and department chair. 

3. Students are required to sign the acknowledgment and waiver approved by University Counsel. Click here for link to Course-Related Student Activity Acknowledgement form.

4. All contracts related to the trip must be reviewed and approved by Purchasing.

5. Any travelers who are neither students nor faculty must be approved by the Dean of CAS.

6. No CAS or Tennessee Tech funds may be used for any costs associated with non-student or non-employee travelers.

7. Groups are required to have two points of contact.

  • For groups of 15 or fewer students, one Faculty Leader is sufficient under most circumstances. The second point-of-contact can be a student age 21 or older.
  • For groups of more than 15 students, a second faculty member is required. CAS will participate in the effort to secure funding to support this second faculty member, where such funding has not been arranged by the group.

8. All drivers must have a valid drivers’ licenses confirmed through University Police.

9. In cases where parties are not traveling together, students should provide itineraries to the Faculty Leader.

10. If circumstances determine the Faculty Leader must leave the group, such as in an emergency situation where the leader must return home, an interim leader/point-of-contact should be designated immediately, and the CAS Dean’s office should be notified. The Dean of CAS, in consultation with the leader(s) of the group remaining, and with the departed Faculty Leader (if possible), shall determine how and whether the trip is to proceed. In cases where the Dean of CAS cannot be reached to make such a determination, the Associate Dean of CAS shall make these consultations and determination.

11. The Faculty Leader should invite students to address disability and/or accessibility issues before the trip, and should work with them in consultation as needed with the Office of Disability Services to arrange special accommodations (transportation, lodging, points of interest, etc.) in advance. If a student encounters an unforeseen accessibility issue during the course of the trip, the Faculty Leader should work with on-site parties to determine a resolution, but may consult if necessary with Disability Services.

12. Any necessary determinations not specifically addressed in this policy shall be made by the Faculty Leader or leaders, in consultation with his or her department chairperson whenever possible.

Important Tennessee Tech/CAS Contact Numbers

Tennessee Tech Police 931-372-3234

Dean, Arts and Sciences 931-372-3118

Assoc. Dean, Arts and Sciences 931-372-3139

Office of Disability Services 931-372-6119

Student Affairs 931-372-3411


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