Foreign Languages

2018-2019 Profiles

Katie Hall (Spanish, ’18)

Ms. Hall is from Gainesboro, Tennessee, and graduated from Jackson County High School. Regarding her time in the Department of Foreign Languages at Tennessee Tech, she said, "Everything about this department is fabulous, and I highly recommend it." She began work as a medical consultant, working with cosmetic surgery clients, immediately after receiving her B.A. in Spanish from Tennessee Tech. 

Dalton Hamlin (Spanish, '18)

Mr. Hamlin is originally from Kingston Springs, Tennessee and graduated from Harpeth High School. During his time at Tennessee Tech, he spent six weeks studying in Alicante, Spain. He was also inducted into Tech's chapter of Alpha Mu Gamma, the National Foreign Language Honors Society. After graduation he planned to start work immediately. He set a goal of beginning a career in which he could utilize his foreign language skills within a year of graduation. 

Alejandra Tohalino (French, ’18)

Originally from Peru, Ms. Tohalino graduated from Colegio Anglo Americana Prescott in the city of Arequina. While at Tennessee Tech she served as a Student Research Assistant for Dr. Michael Olsen, Associate Professor of Spanish. She also studied abroad through the TnCIS program, spending 3½ weeks studying Comparative Government in France. Just before graduating from Tech, she said that her time in the Department of Foreign Languages “was a very rewarding and also challenging experience. I commend the department’s work and support for its students, and I am very grateful for the opportunity.” After graduation, she planned to obtain an internship in France and begin graduate work there.

Kathryn Trebing (French, ’18)

Ms. Trebing is a Putnam County native and graduated from Upperman High School. While at Tech, she was a French tutor and a member of the French Club, Avant Garde. In the latter role, she served as president for the 2017-2018 academic year. She was inducted into the Tennessee Tech Chapter of Alpha Mu Gamma, an international foreign languages honor society, in Spring 2017. During her college career she studied abroad three times: in summer 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, studying Spanish, and in Chambéry, France, studying French in Summer 2017, and traveling to Morocco with other French students on a trip led by Dr. Debbie Barnard, Associate Professor of French. She said, “The Department of Foreign Languages offered me more opportunities than I thought possible at Tennessee Tech.” After graduation she was accepted into the Teaching Assistant Program in France for 2018-2019. Her long-term plans include earning a Master’s Degree in French and teaching.

Emily Alligood (Spanish, ’19)

Ms. Alligood received a B.A. in Spanish and a B.S. in Biology from Tennessee Tech. She is originally from Clarkrange, Tennessee and graduated from Clarkrange High School. During her time at Tech, she studied abroad in Spain during the summer of 2018. Regarding the experience, she said, “It was one of the most formative summers of my life. As I gained a more global perspective on my life, I built confidence, and I was able to complete two college classes’ worth of material in four weeks.” Ms. Alligood was a recipient of the Marshall and Thelma G. Bertram Liberal Arts Scholarship Endowment for the 2018-2019 school year and was inducted into Alpha Mu Gamma, the National Foreign Language Honors Society in the Spring of 2019. Her plans for after graduation were to obtain a career in which she could continue to develop her Spanish speaking skills and to continue to pursue her love for foreign languages. 

Victoria Chaplin (German, '19)

Ms. Chaplin earned a B.A. in German and a B.S. in International Business and Cultures from Tennessee Tech. During her college career she went with other German students from Tech to Berlin during spring break 2018, served as a student worker in the DFL, and was vice-president and then president of the German Club (Der Deutsche Klub). She also received the Alberta Campana Memorial Scholarship. She said, "The FL Department honestly treated me really well during my time at Tennessee Tech. Everyone helped me so much." After graduation, she planned to work for a year or two and then apply to law school.

McKenzie Graybill (Spanish, '19)

Ms. Graybill received a B.A. in Spanish and a B.S. in Communication Studies. She traveled to Spain in Summer 2018 to attend language school while doing an overseas apprenticeship through her church. She was a student worker in the DFL for most of her time at Tech, as well as holding down an off-campus job. She stated that "the faculty were a true pleasure to learn from and work with." She planned to continue working, hopefully in a position in which she uses her bilingual skills.

Jess Oliver (Spanish, '19)

Ms. Oliver received a B.A. in Spanish and a B.S. in International Business and Cultures. During her time as a Tech student she traveled abroad. She said that experience was "very eye-opening and a great experience! I loved every minute of it and made friends that I still talk to." In addition to earning two degrees, she was involved in many extracurricular activities at Tech, including women's volleyball, Futuro, Women of Worth, and Kainos College Ministry. She also held down an off-campus job during much of her college career. After graduation, she planned to work for HCA at Centennial Women's Group. She hopes to eventually go to graduate school to study healthcare administration, and would also like to teach English overseas at some point.

Sydney Reed (Spanish, '19)

Ms. Reed earned a B.A. in Spanish and a Minor in Business. While at Tech she volunteered as an adult ESL teacher at Jere Whitson Elementary through The River Community Church. She said, "I loved my time in the Foreign Languages Department. I would love it if they had a Master's program." She and her husband work on staff with the Campus Outreach ministry on the Tech campus. She hopes to become more involved in the leadership of ESL ministries.





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