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 Whether you're interested in a major or minor in Foreign Languages, a major in International Business & Cultures or a minor in International Studies, you'll find all the information you need below. We also encourage you to email us at to schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

B.A. in Foreign Languages (FREN, GERM or SPAN)

  • FL Major Option 1

    B.A. in Foreign Languages (FREN, GERM or SPAN)

    French General Option 1 

    German General Option 1

    Spanish General Option 1

    Option 1 is the curriculum to follow to earn a "pure" Foreign Languages degree. This is the option you will choose if Foreign Languages is your primary major and main focus. You would also select this option if you want Foreign Languages as a secondary major and your primary major is not in a STEM discipline. Most of our majors fall under the Option 1 curriculum.

    Students in Option 1 whose goal is to teach French, German and/or Spanish may choose to work toward teaching licensure while earning the B.A. in Foreign Languages. FL Option 1 is conducive to this, since there are quite a few electives built in to the curriculum.

    If you love languages and don't plan to teach or use the language in other direct ways such as translating or interpreting, there are several other options for pursuing the study of a second language.

  • FL Major Option 2 (STEM Dual Degree Curriculum)

    B.A. in Foreign Languages (FREN, GERM or SPAN) with B.S. in a STEM Discipline

    French General Option 2

    German General Option 2

    Spanish General Option 2

    Option 2 is available to students who concurrently major in engineering or manufacturing technology, computer science, mathematics, or the physical or biological sciences. With additional coursework, students from these disciplines can earn a B.A. degree in a foreign language IN ADDITION to their B.S. degree in one of these specific fields. This modified curriculum prepares students for the increasingly international dimensions of their professions.

    Of course, a comprehensive, two-degree program requires at least two additional semesters, but knowing another language and having two degrees can definitely give you an edge in the job market!

    To add Foreign Languages as a secondary major or to change your primary major, come to the Department of Foreign Languages Office in Oakley Hall 227, or send an email to


B.S. in International Business and Cultures

The International Business and Cultures degree, initiated in 1998, is a unique program offering a joint Bachelor’s of Science degree in the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Business. The mission of this four-year program is to prepare our students for careers in international business. The program’s goal is to educate students in the study of human interaction and commerce. The curriculum emphasizes a strong foreign language component along with courses in world civilizations, international finance, economics, management, and marketing. Students participate in either an internship or a study-abroad program. For more information, check out the International Business and Cultures page.



  • Minor in French, German or Spanish (FREN, GERM, SPAN)

    Courses required for an FL Minor:
    French, German or Spanish 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020, 3010 and 3020

    If you start in 1010, this will give you 18 credit hours. If you place into a higher level, you will need to complete at least 15 credit hours of study in the same language to complete a minor, including SPAN 3010 and 3020. For more information, contact the Department of Foreign Languages.

  • Minor in International Studies (INST)

    Courses required for an International Studies Minor:

    The INST minor requires a total of 15 credit hours of courses (9 credit hours lower-division and 6 credit hours upper-division) chosen from the lists found at the links below. Many students choose to take one or more of these courses while studying abroad. 

    Lower-Division Courses toward INST Minor

    Upper-Division Courses toward INST Minor

    If you are interested in complementing your major with an international perspective, a minor in International Studies (INST) may be for you. This minor will help you to meet growing demands in a world that increasingly requires more internationally focused graduates and employees. 

For more information about these minors, contact the Department of Foreign Languages.




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