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An undergraduate degree in French, German or Spanish will provide you with a solid academic foundation and can serve as a springboard for any number of careers and/or graduate programs. Start looking at all the options early in your college career so you can custom-fit your electives to your ultimate goals. Below, you'll find a list of just some of the careers our graduates have entered, as well as first-hand comments from these alumni. 


Our French, German and Spanish graduates have transitioned to successful careers in a wide variety of fields. They are teachers, lawyers and businesspeople. They are administrators, interpreters and managers. Some find their niche close to home, and others choose to build their careers in places around the world!

Here are just a few of the careers in which Tennessee Tech grads have used their undergraduate degrees in Foreign Languages, either directly or indirectly:*

  • Businesspeople with international companies

  • Teachers of French, German, Spanish or even English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Translators and Interpreters

  • Journalists and Writers

  • Travel Industry Professionals

  • Nurses & Other Healthcare Providers, including physicians and psychologists

  • Engineers with international companies

  • Attorneys

  • Supervisors and Managers in companies with branches in other countries

  • Law Enforcement Professionals

  • Professionals in International Politics and Diplomacy

Other Opportunities After Graduation

  • Graduate School

  • Peace Corps

  • Fulbright Scholarships

  • Internships Abroad

*Keep in mind that some of these professions require additional undergraduate or graduate work or degrees. Contact us for more details and suggestions on using your love of languages after graduation.

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