Foreign Languages

2020 - 2021 Profiles

Ulises Avendano (Spanish, ’20)

Mr. Avendano earned a B.A. in Spanish from Tennessee Tech. 

Kaelie Ryan (French, ’20)

Ms. Ryan earned a B.A. in French and a B.S. in International Business and Culture from Tennessee Tech. During her time at Tech, she worked as an English language tutor in the International Dorm and studied abroad in both South Korea and France. Regarding her time at Tech, she said, “I really enjoyed learning in the Department of Foreign Languages, and many of my favorite classes were the language courses that I took. Although they were challenging, there is something so amazing about learning something totally new and different like another language.” After graduation, she planned to search for a job with an international company.

Olivia Mason (Spanish, ’21)

Ms. Mason obtained a B.A. in Spanish from Tennessee Tech. She was a recipient of the Wilbur Raatz Scholarship and the Albert Campana Scholarship. During her time at Tech, she worked as a Spanish tutor in the university’s tutoring center. 

Phillip S. Vinson (Spanish, ’21)

Mr. Vinson received a B.A. in Spanish from Tennessee Tech. After graduation, he was given the opportunity to earn his graduate degree in Madrid, Spain. He plans to utilize this degree in the medical field and through teaching Spanish as a second language. About his time at Tech, Mr. Vinson said, “It has been a pleasure learning the Spanish language with awesome professors and classmates.” 

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