Foreign Languages Alumni - Veronica Gonzalez

Veronica Gonzalez, B.A. (Spanish) Veronica Gonzalez

“Hello! My name’s Veronica Gonzalez and I graduated from Tennessee Tech in 2022. My time in Tech was great! Not only did I meet wonderful people who became my friends, I got to meet incredible Professors that took great care in my learning and in my time at Tech. I majored in Spanish, something I’ve been fond of since I was young, the department offered useful classes that helped me practice my Spanish for myself and for the benefit of others.”

“Two examples of exemplary courses are an introductory class in Spanish phonetics that I took to better master my pronunciation and a class in business regarding Latin American/ Spanish ways of communicating and conducting business with non-Spanish-speaking countries.

“Currently, I am taking some time to work towards my wish to obtain my masters in Spanish. Tech has helped me find a path in my life I am proud of and excited to continue. I am thankful to have been a student at Tennessee Tech University!” Veronica Gonzalez.

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