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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the average student to complete the CAT?

We have found that most students complete the CAT in 30 - 45 minutes. Some students may require the full hour and students who are not fluent in English may take longer. The CAT is not a timed test.

Can graduate students help score the CAT test?

Graduate students can help score the CAT and the experience can be an excellent professional development opportunity.

What if I am a researcher and do not have others to help score the CAT. Is it still feasible to use the CAT for evaluation in the research project?

We provide a scoring service for researchers in this situation. The online administration of the CAT is also machine scored.

When is the next training workshop?

We post our scheduled trainings on our website. If you are planning further in advance, contact us about workshops that are in the planning stage.

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