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Attention: CAT and COVID-19
Given the current circumstances with COVID-19 and the closure of many campuses, we will be allowing the online administration of the CAT outside of a proctored setting. We will work with institutions to setup proctor accounts and specific blocks of time during which a student can log in and complete the CAT. If have questions about an online CAT administration, please contact

Ordering CAT Materials

Online Administration

Tests administered in the online format are scored using machine learning algorithms specifically formulated  for each question. A sample of student responses  from the online administration are provided for institutions to run a modified scoring session. This condensed scoring session allows faculty to understand the CAT and associated rubric but spend less time scoring all student tests. 

For information, please contact:

Students who are enrolled in online courses and/or off-campus students can now take the CAT through our connection with Examity is an online proctoring service that helps ensure the integrity of online testing. Click HERE for more information about Examity and how online proctoring could work for you. 

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