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Attention: CAT and COVID-19
Given the current circumstances with COVID-19 and the closure of many campuses, we will be allowing the online administration of the CAT outside of a proctored setting. We will work with institutions to setup proctor accounts and specific blocks of time during which a student can log in and complete the CAT. If have questions about an online CAT administration, please contact

Getting Started

You may wish to consult with us first or schedule a web or phone conference to review the process with one of our staff. Please email or call 931-372-3252.


If you are interested in training a group of faculty at your institution, virtual workshops are available. Click here for more information about the workshops we offer and other services. 

Administration & Scoring

Tests administered in the online format are scored using machine learning algorithms specifically formulated for each question. A sample of student responses from the online administration are provided for institutions to run a modified scoring session. This condensed scoring session allows institutions to devote more time to faculty development and CAT Apps. Contact us for pricing and help determining which format is best for you.

CAT App Development

CAT Apps are discipline-specific critical thinking assignments based on the framework of the original CAT instrument. These assignments allow faculty to assess not only content knowledge but also their student's ability to use content knowledge in a critical thinking/ real-world problem solving task. By focusing on content and critical thinking skills, students receive feedback not only on their depth of discipline knowledge but also practice and receive feedback on their ability to evaluate, think creatively, and solve problems within the discipline. By linking these assignments to program learning outcomes, CAT Apps become an additional tool to demonstrate student learning. 


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