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Returning CAT Materials

What to Return

All materials that were shipped to you for the administration and scoring of the CAT must be returned to the Center for Assessment and Improvement of Learning. This includes all used tests, scored and unscored, as well as not used/unopened tests, and all additional reading packets that were packaged with the tests. A refund or credit will be applied for unopened tests and the additional reading packets are recycled. All scoring materials including scoring guides and training modules must be returned. The return shipment will not be processed until all materials are returned.

CAT Materials Return Form

The Material Return Form will act as your shipping manifest. This form must be returned with the shipment or emailed to The return shipment will not be processed until this form is returned. The Material Return Form provides us a count of all materials being returned. It also ensures that we have the correct contact information for issuing refunds and returning reports. The Material Return Form also provides us with information about your local codes and requested analyses.


In order to make processing of the shipment easier, we ask that you organize and label the materials within your shipment. Ensure that all boxes have a packing list detailing the exact contents of each box. If different materials are stacked in the same box, make sure that each type of material is clearly labeled and separated. This can be done with brightly colored pieces of paper, rubber bands, or plastic wrap. Please do not 'repackage' the tests booklets into the packets of additional information. By keeping all materials separate, we can more easily identify each component and more quickly process the return.

Label each box with the name of your institution. If your shipment contains multiple boxes, please number each box with its individual number and the total number of boxes (e.g. Box 2 of 4).


We ask that you use a preferred shipping provider such as FedEx or UPS, and that you ship with a tracking number. Both of these providers make routine deliveries to our facility. It may be important and worthwhile to purchase insurance for your shipment; that is at your own discretion.

Please ship all tests to:

Center for Assessment & Improvement of Learning
Tennessee Tech University
244 Matthews Hall
80 Wings Up Way
Cookeville, TN 38505

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