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The Range

The CEROC Cyber Range is a unique combination of hardware, software, andCyber Range Network talented individuals creating a dynamic environment supporting the education, research, and outreach efforts of the center servicing local and remote projects in the virtual environment.  The range, including PTerraDactSL (Pseudo-Terraform Domain Specific Language) which is responsible for dynamic environment creation, was developed in-house by a group faculty, staff, and students associated with the center.


The range supports the cyber training environments for the CyberEagles Defense Interest Group, CyberEagles Offense Interest Group, and CyberEagles CTF Interest Group.  These training environments support the peer mentoring efforts of these groups as well as development of student competition teams for events such as CCDC, CPTC, and SFSCon.

The range also provides infrastructure support for a number of cybersecurity courses in the computer science curriculum including database management, IT security, reverse malware engineering, and ethical hacking.


Cyber Range ComputeThe dynamic nature of the range allows for quick deployment / recall of test environments in support of projects including malware classification, malware re-engineering, vehicular networks, smart grid   simulations, and other projects.



As one of our core missions, CEROC conducts outreach events throughout the year virtually and in-person.  Many of these events include participant involvement in Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions.  Among these CEROC student developed competitions is our most recent offering, soarCTF.  This CTF allows students at all skill levels to engage a multi-level competition exposing students to a variety of current topics in cybersecurity.

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CEROC Cyber Range 2.0 Update

Progress is being made regarding the networking and capacity building work for the range.  When all updates are complete, our range will be able to support an additional 1,800 virtual machines bringing our capacity to 3,000 VMs and 5 TB of RAM!